5 Proven Strategies to Attract & Retain Top Talent:

Leaders, How Many of These are You Using?

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You’re looking ahead and thinking you definitely need some great people to fill positions. The only problem: How to get the right people, and once they’re on payroll, how to keep them?

Here are five proven ways to do just that.

1. Foster Internal Brand Ambassadors
1. You need to foster brand ambassadors from within to share their job love on social. Millennials are most likely to be on social media and leas likely to ever go to your website. Be where they are. Make sure your ambassadors are all on the same page and know what your brand is about. Next, give them quick guidance about how to leverage their social presence, status and updates so they can maximize their influence with potential candidates. If you’re looking for a good example of employees on social, check out #joblove. That’s Lulu Lemon employees, rocking the brand, spreading the love.

When Your Best Is Not Enough: Take This Giant Step Forward

There’s hope. Don’t give up.

When nothing's working, there is hope.When you’ve worked hard, beyond what anyone has the right to expect, and yet you’re still not getting the success you want, you can feel helpless.

After all, when you’ve given your effort all you’ve got, what else is left?

You CAN turn this around. Just when you feel at the end of your rope, there is a clear path of what to try instead. It just takes a mindset shift on your part.

Your answer in turning what seems like an impossible situation into a successful outcome comes from the words of Sir Winston Churchill: “Sometimes it is not enough to do our best, we must do what is required.”

I remember the first time I read that quotation. It was on a bumper sticker on the car in front of me in back to back traffic.

It was Los Angeles, it was rush hour, and I’m pretty sure a few we were going about negative five miles an hour.

The bumper sticker read: “Sometimes it’s not enough to do your best, you must do what is necessary.”

I immediately chose to feel annoyed. (Notice that I say “I CHOSE” to feel annoyed. At least I was taking ownership of my feelings.)

My automatic response was “What do you mean, my best is not enough? What else is there?” (more…)

For Life Mastery: 1 Must-Change Mindset for Time Management

This Self-Talk Script Transforms Your Productivity


Make important tasks a priority by scheduling them on your calendarHave you ever reached out to a family or long-time friend you haven’t talked with in a while, and they said something like this: “How great to hear from you! I’ve been thinking about you! Wanted to connect, but I’ve been so busy.”

How did that feel? Did you ever think in a droll tone: “You’re busy? Really? What’s that like?”

Yet, we all tell ourselves stories about busy-ness, our time and productivity.

Perhaps you yourself have a bit of self-talk script that, with one slight tweak, will transform your productivity.

Read on to discover what that script is, and how to change it so you can exercise self-leadership. (more…)

4 Actions To Help You Feel More Confident

Crystal clear ideas that will raise your self-esteem

Everything you want is just outside your comfort Zone How uplifting to know that there are specific actions you can take right away to help you feel more confidence and raise your self-esteem.

There are many reasons why you may feel less than confident at times, but as you take one or more of these four actions, you’ll find your self-esteem building as you reach a new level of confidence.

1. Rethink the retreat. Ever had the urge to quit when something got hard?

Truth: That’s not your fault! Humans are hard wired to avoid pain and be attracted to pleasure.

Of course, anything you’ve accomplished up to this point has had a degree of difficulty to it, yes?

Part of the pleasure you have in accomplishing that feat you’re thinking of lies in the fact that it took effort on your part to persevere even when it got tough.

Your persistence is part of your pleasure. (more…)

5 Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself NOW!

(You CAN Learn Motivation)

Motivate yourself today with these 5 ways.

Motivate yourself today with these 5 ways.

Motivate Yourself NOW with these 5 powerful tips!

Thinking that your life would be even better if you could just get yourself motivated to take action in a few key areas?

You can learn motivation, and these five actions can help.

  1. Know your BFW’s. That stands for Big Fat Whys. If you’ve ever thought you wanted to do something, but couldn’t motivate yourself to take consistent action, you might have been missing this key ingredient.The secret sauce is your WHY.Think you want to stop procrastinating, eat better, exercise more, whatever? WHY?


How to Recession Proof Your Job

The Importance of Being Lovable

Lovable Frog with Heart

Harvard Business Review reported in an article titled “How to Recession Proof Your Job” that when push comes to shove (if layoffs are coming), it’s more important for you to be ‘lovable’ than to be competent.

Why? It’s just that important to people that you are easy to work with.

So what makes a person ‘lovable’?

Good question, here’ s the most important thing to remember: You like people who are like you.

So, if someone perceives that you are like them, then they’re likely to like you.

Example: Your boss is blunt, to the point, and ends the conversation quickly. What are you going to do? You got it, same thing. Say what needs to be said and no more.

Another example: Your co-worker enjoys getting to know people on a more personal level. The solution? Spend just a few moments (not all day, of course) chit chatting about their plans for the weekend. To end the conversation, just say, “Well, I gotta get back to it. Talk with you later.”