What People Like About You: 5 Qualities You Probably Have Already

Develop these habits that build relationships

Bet you’re better at building relationships than you give yourself credit for.

The key is to recognize in yourself the behaviors that people find naturally attractive and to be willing to build these likable qualities, and bring them out more often.

How many of these qualities do you have, and which could you cultivate even more?

1. You (wisely) mirror and match. To the extent that it makes sense, you mirror the other person’s body language and match her vocal quality.

This is important for two reasons. Reason #1: We like people we perceive to be like us, and when you mirror and match others, they feel you’re a kindred spirit.


Revealing This 1 Thing Builds Trust in Relationships

Want to be more approachable at work? Try being more vulnerable

Leaders, to build trust in relationships at work and to be more influential, be more open.You’re probably really good at your job. But, do you come across as too perfect?

You know how important your personal relationships are. And of course, your work relationships are important, too.

Since I deliver lots of seminars and keynotes on communication and leadership, I’m often asked how to be more approachable at work. Savvy leaders know to influence people, they must feel comfortable with you.

Bottom line: Meaningful relationships start with trust. When you feel you cannot trust someone, game over. No chance you’re going to listen to them or connect with them, much less let them influence you.

I’m surprised sometimes how often I hear something from clients that I believe represents a huge obstacle in their having the kinds of trusting relationships that lead to their ability to naturally bond and to ethically influence others.

Do You Have the Presence of a Leader? 5 Ways to Tell

Do You Show Confidence and Credibility?

5 Qualities of Leadership with Presence


You don’t need a title to be a leader. If you have the qualities that inspire others to go for self-improvement, professional and personal development, to be who they are at their best, you have the essence of leadership.

Great leaders have presence, and as you cultivate aspects of leadership, you’ll want to include the qualities of presence.


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Leadership Image; Persuade and Influence with 5 Ways to Show Presence

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Accountability Starts with 5 Actions

Take responsibility at work


Take responsibility and inspire accountability in othersYes, the job would be so much easier if all had a strong sense of accountability at work!

And yet, we all know that you really only have control over your own actions. So, here are five actions you can take to be sure you’re doing your part to hold yourself responsible and accountable at work.

Think of these five actions as memory jogs to keep you on track of being your best.

  1. Be self-aware. Specifically, before you start your first task at work, ask yourself where are you now mentally and emotionally? Are you calm and focused, or wired and distracted?Next, where do you need to be mentally and emotionally in order to accomplish well the task in front of you? Preparing to give a presentation takes a different mindset than getting ready to give a difficult coaching session to an employee. Tune into what frame of mind paves the way for success in that activity.


Leadership and Grit: Free Webinar!

How to Inspire Unstoppable Mental Toughness

Lead the Way; Inspire Grit and mental toughnessHello all Leaders! You are invited to a free live webinar this Thursday, August 18th at 9am Mountain Time.

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Here are some of the points we’ll cover:
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• Mind hacks that foster mental toughness
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• Tapping into resilience after major disappointments (more…)