#1 Sign That It’s Time to Raise Your Self-Awareness

Could you be more successful? Try these tips

Want more success? Raise your self-awareness

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Self-awareness can lead you to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. If you’re really ready to have a breakthrough, consider this tough love question:

“Are your results so far worthy of your potential? Do your relationships, your health, your financial standing really reflect what you’re capable of?”

If your answer is “Not so much.” That’s the #1 sign it’s time to raise your self-awareness.

If, in answering this though love question, you reveal some doubts about whether you’re putting your best self out there in the world, take heart. There’s hope!  


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Here are five tweaks you can make to raise your self-awareness and earn more goodies that are worthy of your potential.

1. Are you crystal clear about your goals? Face it, if saying “I want to be rich and thin” were an effective goal strategy, there’d be a whole lot more skinny, wealthy people walking around.

Create goals that are specific and actionable.

2. Fix energy leaks. When you worry about things over which you have no control, you have a slow, steady drain on your emotional, physical and mental energy.

When you find yourself worrying ask “What’s the best action I can take right now to positively influence this outcome?”

If you find that it truly is out of you control and your sphere of influence, return to the most powerful way you can exert a positive influence in the world. And, get on it.

3. Notice if people are turning away from you. If you find that people don’t seek out your company, it might be that you’re being accidentally difficult.

The biggest way this happens is when you “share” your hard luck, or unfortunate situation.

Yes, it feels like sharing, but it sounds like complaining.

Here’s the surprising thing, the more difficult and hopeless your sad news is, the harder it is to hear.

That’s because people want to help, and when they feel there’s not hope for them to help, they feel great frustration. This frustration ends up being associated with the person telling the sad story.

(Disclaimer: Yes, do tell near and dear friends your story. Just not any random person at work!)

4. Be honest with yourself about how you’re using your time.

It’s pretty easy for a well-meaning person to be busy all day, yet leave work exhausted with nothing to show for it.

Be absolutely sure you’re really working on that small percentage of activities, the 20% that yields the 80% results you’re wanting.

Best way to do this? Track your time.

Literally: write down your #1 task, and log the time you’re working on it. It’s eye opening to see how easy it is to get off task, and it helps you keep your attention and your actions focused on the right activities.

5. Hold yourself accountable with this 90-second exercise.

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Here’s your final tiny tweak to raise your self-awareness and make sure you’re on the path of living your potential.

You already know from point #1 above that you need clear goals. And, of course, you need a clear plan to achieve those goals.

At the end of the day, use this 90-second accountability exercise:

As you leave your place of work each day, ask: “What did I like best about how I carried out my highest priority today?” and, “What would I do differently next time?”

Think of this as the LB/NT exercise, as in “like best/next time.”

What do you do to be self-aware?







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