5 Proven Strategies to Attract & Retain Top Talent:

Leaders, How Many of These are You Using?

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You’re looking ahead and thinking you definitely need some great people to fill positions. The only problem: How to get the right people, and once they’re on payroll, how to keep them?

Here are five proven ways to do just that.

1. Foster Internal Brand Ambassadors
1. You need to foster brand ambassadors from within to share their job love on social. Millennials are most likely to be on social media and leas likely to ever go to your website. Be where they are. Make sure your ambassadors are all on the same page and know what your brand is about. Next, give them quick guidance about how to leverage their social presence, status and updates so they can maximize their influence with potential candidates. If you’re looking for a good example of employees on social, check out #joblove. That’s Lulu Lemon employees, rocking the brand, spreading the love.

2. Represent Irresistibly
DO NOT go to “monster” job boards for guidance on writing job descriptions. Make this your mantra: Recruiting. Is. Marketing. So with this in mind – When you’re writing what a job is all about, enter into the conversation in your ideal candidate’s head. What inspires, excites, interests her? As you write out your requirements for the position, ask yourself, “Would a real person ever really say that?” Also, what are the coolest things your company does for its clients, the commuity, the world? Say that.
3. Represent Honestly
You want a good fit. Be clear about the biggest challenges of the job. Find a great example of transparency on Infusionsoft’s careers page. It begins: “A word of warning: Infusionsoft isn’t for everyone. . . Before you apply, be sure Infusionsoft is right for you.” That link goes to a list of their 9 core values, worded as a real person would actually say them, and set against a backdrop of clearly highly engaged, happy employees. See what they’ve done here? Honesty, clear expectations, and social proof that the people who do make the cut are loving every minute of their work.
4. Create Opportunities for Employees to REALLY Contribute
You want to attract and retain fully engaged talent, yes? In his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Dan Pink notes that what really drives employees to deliver their best is autonomy, mastery and purpose. Top talent is ready, willing and able to make a big difference to your company, be ready to demonstrate how that might be possible. (Hint: Heard of Intrapreneurship?) Seventy percent of Millennials want to be entrepreneurs. Five percent are. This leaves A LOT of room for possibilities that would lead to big wins for them and for you. Supporting Intrapreneurship is an amazing way to support growth for your company into the future.
5. Keep Them by Keeping Them Fully Engaged
You know that “open door” policy? It falls short. Sure, it’s great for managers to be available when employees want to talk. But truly great leaders walk through their open door and among their team, connecting, listening and appreciating them. Globoforce Mood Tracker reports that 65% of working Americans don’t receive enough praise and recognition on the job. And 78% would work harder if they were recognized. Wise words from the Wall Street Journal “Awards, recognition and praise might just be the single most cost effective way to maintain a happy, productive workforce.”
image of 5 proven strategies to attract and retain top talent

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