5 Ways to Build Relationships and Show You Care

Thoughtful ways to nurture your connections

5 Ways to Build Relationships

Relationships are precious. And yet, sometimes life gets so crazy busy it’s easy to get behind in nurturing your connections. So, today’s quick note is all about simple, yet thoughtful things you can do to show people you care and build your relationship!

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  1. Be on time for all appointments, meetings, even coffee dates. Whether the relationship is a future best friend or an acquaintance at work, be sure to be on time for every meeting that you have! Too often, people don’t make being on time a priority. This leaves the other person waiting and wondering if you see their time (and them) as important. Fine to waste your own time, just don’t keep others waiting!
  2. Listen, and listen with a specific goal in mind. Let’s face it. Few people are extraordinary communicators. And, when we’re excited or frustrated, communication is even harder. Make sure you’re giving people the benefit of the doubt and listening for the emotions behind the words. How are they feeling as they talk with you? Listen for that and connect on that level.
  3. Follow up as promised! Whenever you say you’ll get back with someone, make a note in your phone, or wherever you track such things, and be sure you follow up. It’s fine to let them know you remembered your commitment by saying “Hey Chris, I promised to
    get back with you on the title of that book we were talking about. Here it is, and here’s the link to it on Amazon.”
  4. Remember the big stuff. If someone mentions a birthday, a kid’s championship or some other big deal, make a note of it and follow up on it. Yes, this is an advanced idea, it takes more effort than the other ideas, and no, you can’t recall everything about every single person you’ve ever talked with. And yet, if you are looking to build a relationship with someone, this is a great way to cultivate your connection. Because my brain is sieve-like, I make a note in my phone to follow up on the big ideas
  5. Stay connected! You don’t necessarily get to see people you’d like to stay in touch with every day. Find out their favorite way to stay connected. Social media? Phone calls? Text? Personally, I’m not so much a talk on the phone person, but I really like it when people text from time to time. Foster your friendship by staying in touch from time to time.



What’s your favorite way to build connections with people and show you care?



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