Executive Summary for "How to Be the Person Who Gets It, Demonstrates It, and Brings It Out in Others"

CUNA HR and OD Conference 04.11.16

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Accountability name tag -Start your day (or reboot your day) by asking this: Where’s my energy right now? Where’s my feeling? Where do those need to be for the task at hand?

-Any discrepancy means you ask yourself, what’s my plan for getting where I need to be?

Download the image of the mood meter,Or, get the app for cheap to use on your phone!

-The mood meter is also an app and useful for adults and older children. It’s 99 cents and was created at the Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence

-You have three resources always available to manage your emotions: Brain, Body and Behavior.

-Words have power.

-Say “I choose to feel angry.” Do NOT say “He makes me angry.”

-Emotionally diverse people who allow themselves to experience a wide range of emotions and are aware of how their emos influence others are the happiest people!

-Your reputation is based on brief snapshots of time taken completely out of context!

-Difficult times don’t build character, they reveal character; however, reputations were built during difficult times.

-Next time you’re tempted to justify your bad behavior by telling people your “back story” remember that people don’t care about your “b.s.”

-Do the power pose for two minutes and not only will you change your bio-chemistry, you’ll feel better and people will respond to you more favorably.Check out the Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy, PhD, which explains power posed in depth.

-Be aware of the choices you make regarding how you spend your energy. It’s limited and there’s an opportunity cost associated with spending it carelessly.

-Opportunity cost is what you sacrifice when you chose X over Y. Be mindful.

-One of the most important and empowering sentences in human language is “I have choice.”

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