Why Coaching for Healthcare Employees? Part 8 Who Gets Coaching?

New Managers and Emerging Leaders

For New Managers, The Struggle Is Real

60% symbol for healthcare managers who underperform or fail

Percentage of new managers who fail or underperform within the first two years. CEBGlobal.com

Beck and Harter of Gallup report in Harvard Business Review report 82% of companies make the wrong choice when promoting new managers.

And, according to surveys by The kin Blanchard Companies® 51% report they felt unprepared for their first role.

“Front-line managers can have the single largest impact on your organization.”

~ HR Professionals Magazine

Front-line Managers Interact Daily With Their Direct Reports

Individual contributors notice and care if their direct supervisors are good at their jobs, and if they aren’t productivity, attitudes and profitability suffers.

Two-thirds Of Managers Seen As Weak

The Conference Board Report reveals the shocking survey that only one-third of supervisors and leaders are seen as strong

An ineffective manager has far reaching effects:

  • Morale sinks
  • Work backs up
  • Turnover rises
  • Drama ramps up
  • Productivity drops
  • Senior Leadership Feels The Impact

    When front line managers aren’t equipped to develop their direct reports, senior leadership must get involved.

    Seeing lower productivity and higher turnover with its impact on profitability, senior leaders need to take time away from higher level initiatives to see that the right people are being properly prepared for leadership.

    Unprepared To Lead

    According to The Ken Blanchard Companies®

  • Only 39% of new managers say they’ve received training
  • Only 35% report receiving any mentoring
  • Only 31% report receiving any coaching
  • The Simple Solution – Prepare New And Emerging Leaders

    Coaching with Crystal allows new and emerging leaders to develop the skills which make them the most valuable to their company – the skills to fully engage their direct reports.

    Gallup’s research shows companies with an average of 9.3 engaged employees for every active disengaged employee experience 147% higher EPS (earnings per share) than their competition.

    Coaching with Crystal Teaches Skills Most Needed for Strong, Respected Leaders

    Your new and emerging leaders get real world coaching to develop great leaders. This includes developing the skills that The Ken Blanchard Companies® identify as the most important for new managers, including:

    1. Interpersonal Skills
    2. Managing conflicts
    3. Delegating
    4. Dealing with performance issues

    “I directly credit Coaching with Crystal for helping develop my team. Since we’ve been working with her, I’ve been promoted twice, and 32 of my direct reports have been promoted at least once.” ~ Roxanne LaCroix, Director, Medicaid Learning and Development at Aetna

    Trusted Guidance For Developing Leaders Who Fully Engage Employees

    Coaching with Crystal shows new and emerging leaders how to be self-aware, build strong professional relationships up and down the corporate ladder, and inspire each employee to be self-motivated, accountable and fully engaged.

    Crystal has helped us live our values at NOAA, encouraging collaboration, flexibility and fairness that enables individuals to contribute to their full potential.”                                            ~ Connie Craig, NOAA, Department of Commerce, Boulder Labs

    Coaching with Crystal Clients Enjoy The Process!

    As the Harvard Business Review reports, overwhelmingly, Millennials want to be coached at work, and they crave constant feedback and support.

    “always inspiring and professional while at the same time fun! If you think you know a lot about leadership, you’ll learn in three days what it could take maybe 15 or 20 years to learn.” ~ Dan Detlefsen, Scott Air Force Base

    Coaching with Crystal gives new and emerging leaders the support they crave, thus supporting the entire organization.

    Free 30 Minute Consultation
    Let's Chat - Would you like to know more about what you can do to support your new and emerging leaders so they can fully engage those they lead?

    Call 719.291.0366 or text Crystal@CrystalJonas.comand we’ll set up that free consultation.

    How Does Coaching Work for Healthcare Employees? Part 7

    Savvy Senior Leaders See The Need

    men and women health care leaders functioning well in high performing team

    Great leaders know that they don’t typically inherit high performing teams when they get promoted.

    Poor team performance naturally reflects poorly upon leaders.

    Great leaders know high performing teams are made.

    They call on Coaching with Crystal for a number of reasons, including:

    • Newly appointed managers are floundering and that’s having an impact on morale, productivity and turnover
    • To turn around a team which is underperforming or worse, dysfunctional
    • To develop a core team of influencers on their team, to act as informal leaders in support of team’s mission
    • To reward and retain those with highly specialized knowledge
      (For more information on coaching’s role in retaining employees, click here​.)
    • To create a high performance team
    • To develop their own replacement and a highly successful team, so the senior leader can move up to higher levels of leadership within the company

    Leaders Select Person or People They Want Coached

    Generally these are:

    • New leaders
    • Emerging leaders
    • Highly specialized employees
    • Anyone who would benefit from interpersonal skill development
    • Core influencers
    • High potentials
    • High performers

    Leaders Talk with Crystal

    In the interview, we discuss more about your goals for your employees and your company, so that I can ensure my approach is congruent with your company’s mission, vision and values.

    Candidates Meet with Crystal

    This is done in person, or over Skype or Zoom.

    During this time, we’re interviewing each other. They, to ask any questions they have and see if we’re a good fit. Me, to answer questions and to see if the other person is truly open to coaching and change.

    Leaders and Crystal Form Agreement

    Based on our talks, you’ll receive a two and a half page proposal that lists objectives, measures of success, and three options.

    Upon Agreement, Coaching with Crystal Begins

    Since coaching is done live and one on one, there’s a limit to the number of new clients accepted.

    If there’s room in Coaching with Crystal, sessions begin within a week of signed agreement.

    How do the Sessions Work?

    One to one, just the person coached and Crystal. Sometimes in person, other times over the phone, Skype or Zoom.

    Once a week is ideal. Because my clients are quite busy, and being busy myself, I get that, we do everything possible to have reasonable flexibility in timing for coaching sessions.

    Unlimited Coaching with Crystal Can Be Available

    When clients have a sense of urgency and need or want their coached employees to ramp up their skills quickly, unlimited Coaching with Crystal could be an option.

    This means that in addition to weekly 30 minute sessions, we are also connect through email, phone calls, or texts “on demand.” That means you can expect a 90 minute turn around Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm Mountain Time.

    How Long Does the Coaching with Crystal Contract Last?

    Recommended length is six months. Three month options are available.

    Want longer? We can talk about that.


    Everything said in a coaching session is between the coach and the person being coached.

    The exception to this, which is made clear at the onset of coaching, is that if someone would bring harm to themselves or others, that is reported.

    This includes someone who reports they’re looking to change jobs, as that clearly would have an impact on others.

    Yes, But, Does Coaching with Crystal Work?

    Fair question. I’d ask the same if I were you.

    Here’s a case study: https://crystaljonas.com/healthcare-case-study-leadership-coaching/

    And, in the words of Roxanne LaCroix, Director, Medicaid Learning and Development at Aetna:

    “We’ve been working with Crystal Jonas for several years now in many different ways, through consulting, seminars, and Coaching with Crystal. She has lead us through some of the biggest changes our company has faced, and we always come through better for our work with her. As a direct result of Coaching with Crystal, I have been promoted twice myself, and 32 people that I lead have each been promoted at least once. Coaching with Crystal will turn your employees into high performers, and turn your high potentials into great leaders.”

    Free 30 Minute Consultation
    Want To Know More?

    Call 719.291.0366 or text Crystal@CrystalJonas.com and we’ll set up that free consultation. I look forward to exploring the possibilities of Coaching with Crystal.

    Why Coaching for Healthcare Employees? Money, Morale and Motivation – Part 3

    Exponential ROI 

    Previous notes have covered how Coaching with Crystal helps you attract, retain and engage employees. Here’s a closer look at how it can save and earn your company money, boost morale, and inspire motivation.


    Dollar sign for healthcare coaching

    The healthcare industry is highly competitive, with members, customers and stakeholders continually raising their expectations.

    Companies who can stay ahead of the game with fully engaged employees have a clear competitive advantage.

    “One of the ways Coaching with Crystal helped us was in using our time more wisely. A process that used to take us 12 to 14 weeks, now takes us 5 weeks. This has freed up our time to take on new initiatives to serve our members. This innovation makes our company more attractive in a highly competitive market.”

    ~ Roxanne LaCroix, Director Medicaid Learning and Development, Aetna

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes employees admit to wasting eight hours a week. Think about that for a minute. If they’re admitting to wasting 20% of their time, isn’t it possible they are wasting time in ways they aren’t even aware of?

    One of the improvements you can expect in includes guiding your employees to manage their time, talent and energy to their, and your company’s best advantage
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    Why Coaching for Healthcare Employees – Got Talent? Part 2

    Stressful Problem With A Clear Solution

    Got Talent Healthcare coaching

    Senior leaders in healthcare, do you have as many talented, positive and productive employees as you’d like to have?

    If you don’t have the right people to do the work, the work simply won’t get done.

    Major Problems With Undeveloped Leaders

    Gallup reports that over 50% of employees have left their job to get away from their managers.

    In addition to losing talented people that want to work in healthcare, undeveloped leaders foster underperformers on their teams.

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    Less Stress with 5 Easy Task and Time Management Tips

    How to Manage Your Time Better Fast!

    Picture on reality check to manage your time quickly

    ONE for a reason

    Do you have way too many priorities? Time to rethink what that word means.

    When the word priority first came into the English language in the 1400’s, it was a singular word. As in ONE priority. It meant “the right of precedence over others.”

    It stayed singular for about the next 500 years.

    And then, stealthily at first, perhaps, and then all out and in your face, priorities entered our language.

    We won’t even begin to dive deeply into the myth of multitasking here.

    Let it be enough for now to feel validated in your opinion that you cannot, in fact multitask. You can only task switch.  And that takes tons of energy and focus and delivers little for your efforts.

    Get ready to take control of your time and tasks with these five easy task and time management tips for less stress and better results to show for your efforts.

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    How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything

    Not Candy Colorblind


    “Absolutely NO brown M&Ms”

    You would only have seen this demand if you’d read to page 40 of rock band Van Halen’s 53-page rider. A rider is a contract between the band and the venue and lays out everything from how to set up the stage to what snacks to put backstage.

    Most bands in the 80’s, Roth said, would have riders the size of pamphlets, about six pages long. Not Van Halen.

    Van Halen’s showmanship, along with great music, combined to make them one of the most popular bands of the 80’s and 90’s.

    A lot went into making their show stand out, and it was important that all the details from load bearing capacity of the stage to how electrical was set up to physical space around the entire show, was set up just so.

    Detail after detail filled the pages of their rider. When it got to the “Munchies” section of the rider, the band wrote specifics about which meals would be served to them on which days.

    And oh yes, M&M’s, of course. But clearly stated in the rider was when it came to the candy-coated chocolate, they were to have ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN M&M’s.

    Roth laughed when he recalled this years later, saying that people assumed they were messing with people and being that picky because they could be. The band let people think it was all part of the mystique.

    The real reason no brown M&M’s

    Roth explained that because their band was doing things in their show that other bands weren’t, they had a higher need for attention to detail so that the stage and light fixtures could carry the load.

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