Procrastinate much? Here’s a jolt!

Tip for getting past putting things off

Tip for getting past procrastinationI’m wondering if we share this in common: a real struggle with procrastination for certain activities.

Not with all things, right? Just a few.

Just enough that perhaps, it really bugs you, and you’d like a tip to get you past that “Maybe later” mentality.

Here’s something that lights my fire and gives me the energy I need to push past the big P.

Author Ayn Rand wrote: “Action without thought is mindless. And thought without action is hypocritical.”

For me, those words have just the right amount of ouch.

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Freedom, Money and Happy Spending

Wise Money Choices are Aligned with Values

Spend Wisely You might be thinking more about spending money these days.

A quick note to boost your mood (even higher!) and remind you of how much freedom you have that you might sometimes overlook.

First, the story that prompted today’s note.

I’m changing my morning rituals today because I’m choosing to take the afternoon off for one on one time with my 22 year-old daughter. (Yes, we still value our “Mommy and me” time!)

So, I open my laptop to jot down a quick blog when I see (ok, call it click-bait) this teaser about some movie star’s fabulous “surprisingly affordable” shoes.

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#1 Sign That It’s Time to Raise Your Self-Awareness

Could you be more successful? Try these tips

Want more success? Raise your self-awareness

Mirror & Pic from IKEA

Self-awareness can lead you to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. If you’re really ready to have a breakthrough, consider this tough love question:

“Are your results so far worthy of your potential? Do your relationships, your health, your financial standing really reflect what you’re capable of?”

If your answer is “Not so much.” That’s the #1 sign it’s time to raise your self-awareness.

If, in answering this though love question, you reveal some doubts about whether you’re putting your best self out there in the world, take heart. There’s hope!  


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Mindful Personal Growth 5 Keys That Put You on the Path to Success

Habits that help you pursue your potential

You have virtually infinite potential. Do you know what your greatest possibilities include? Do you know how to tap into the ability to pursue your best? These five keys will start you on your success journey.

{ Complimentary Content Upgrade: To harmonize your personal best with your public image, Enjoy this Video: “Self-Awareness: 5 Ways Reflect Your Best Self in Your Public Image.” Click this link:  }

Your 5 Keys to Mindful Personal Growth:

  1. Realize pursuing your potential is a lifelong endeavor, and you don’t have to have it all figured out to begin. You are just right at this moment, and you don’t need to be improved, fixed, or changed in any way to be worthy of your birthright to pursue your potential.Embrace this happy news: You always have the ability to discover a new layer of strength, hope and possibility within you.

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Americans: How You Respond to President-Elect Reveals Your Character

A valuable reminder for Non-American Citizens, too

US President, Did your choice win or lose? How you respond reveals something about your character.Perhaps the man or woman you voted for for US President did not win. Perhaps he did.

I believe it’s fitting today to remind you, with love and respect how much your true character shows when you win or lose something.

Are you being gracious? 

Think about it.

Wins and losses are your opportunity to reflect the very best of your personal values. 

What values are you projecting right now?

What People Like About You: 5 Qualities You Probably Have Already

Develop these habits that build relationships

Bet you’re better at building relationships than you give yourself credit for.

The key is to recognize in yourself the behaviors that people find naturally attractive and to be willing to build these likable qualities, and bring them out more often.

How many of these qualities do you have, and which could you cultivate even more?

1. You (wisely) mirror and match. To the extent that it makes sense, you mirror the other person’s body language and match her vocal quality.

This is important for two reasons. Reason #1: We like people we perceive to be like us, and when you mirror and match others, they feel you’re a kindred spirit.

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3 Easy Steps to Add More Happiness to Your Relationships

Self Improvement Based on Emotional Intelligence


Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence in Your Relationships, Self Improvement TipsWhether at your business, or in your personal time, the quality of your relationships influence the quality of your life.

Here are three quick tips for personal development drawn from emotional intelligence that will enhance your connections with others and add more happiness to all of your relationships.


  1. Give a genuine “Hey, it’s you!” smile when you see someone. Easy to get deep into concentration at work and have, what looks like a scowl cross your face when someone approaches your workspace.

While fake “I’m always smiling really big, even when I’m alone,” looks aren’t necessary, you can have your body language radiate warmth just by thinking “Hey, it’s you!”

Think of the look you might have if you went out to lunch and saw a friend unexpectedly at the café. That’s the look!

Just a note: You’re not always going to be able to take the time to listen each time someone wants to talk to you. What to do so you’re not seen as an aloof grouch?

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Crystal Clear Focus in 3 Quick Actions

Boost your productivity, right now

get crystal clear focus with three quick actionsDo you struggle with having tons to do, yet quickly losing focus? Feel you are always busy, but that you could be more productive without working so hard?

I can relate!

I found something that’s helping me with this. It’s a book called “Time Warrior” written by Steve Chandler. No time to read? I get ya. Here’s the YouTube link, so perhaps you can listen to the audiobook while you go for a walk, or do some errands.

(NOTE: Now on YouTube: Don’t Rerail Your Career! These Actions Will Get You Back on Track 

Wanted to share three ideas that will help you get crystal clear focus:

  1. “In a simple life in which you only do what’s in front of you, there can be no overwhelm, ever.” Try this: make a space on your desk for the one task you’re tackling. I found it works when I tell myself: “Just this. Just this.”
  2. “Don’t hold your happiness hostage to the achievement of a long-term goal.” Wow, wish I’d heard that when I was younger! This is an important reminder to not only revel in the small successes, but to find joy in the journey itself.
  3. “What needs to be done in these three minutes?”  This question encourages great laser-guided focus! What helps you get focused?

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Do People Enjoy Working With You?

Avoid these 5 EQ mistakes!

Be liked at work. Avoid these EQ emotional Intelligence mistakes  Are you easy to work with? If you have high EQ, or emotional intelligence, the answer is absolutely, and no doubt your co-workers appreciate this about you.

Since likeability is key to a positive, productive and profitable workplace, it’s important for all who work with others, either in an office or virtually, to take a self-awareness check from time to time to make sure none of these EQ mistakes are slipping through.

Check in now to make sure that these problems are not an issue for you.

  1. TMI. Giving “too much information” is especially tempting when you’re going through a particularly difficult time. It’s a relief to release some of that tension by telling people at work what’s going on and to get some sympathetic validation.So, what’s the problem with that?

    SPECIAL Note:Want to hear and see more about self-awareness and EQ, Emotional Intelligence? You’re invited to watch the longer YouTube video on a webinar I gave recently. The topic is: “Manage Your Moods: 5 Simple Steps to Emotional Intelligence”Here’s the link to that: 

    Meanwhile, back to our article: It’s always harder to listen to someone else’s hard time than to talk about your own. When you’re knee deep in drama, you might feel as though you’re just sharing, but most other people, unless they are your very best friends, will feel like you’re dumping on them.Remember that it takes emotional energy to lift someone up when they’re going through a rough spell. And once they spend that energy on you, they don’t have it for other people or themselves.

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When Your Best Is Not Enough: Take This Giant Step Forward

There’s hope. Don’t give up.

When nothing's working, there is hope.When you’ve worked hard, beyond what anyone has the right to expect, and yet you’re still not getting the success you want, you can feel helpless.

After all, when you’ve given your effort all you’ve got, what else is left?

You CAN turn this around. Just when you feel at the end of your rope, there is a clear path of what to try instead. It just takes a mindset shift on your part.

Your answer in turning what seems like an impossible situation into a successful outcome comes from the words of Sir Winston Churchill: “Sometimes it is not enough to do our best, we must do what is required.”

I remember the first time I read that quotation. It was on a bumper sticker on the car in front of me in back to back traffic.

It was Los Angeles, it was rush hour, and I’m pretty sure a few we were going about negative five miles an hour.

The bumper sticker read: “Sometimes it’s not enough to do your best, you must do what is necessary.”

I immediately chose to feel annoyed. (Notice that I say “I CHOSE” to feel annoyed. At least I was taking ownership of my feelings.)

My automatic response was “What do you mean, my best is not enough? What else is there?”

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Obsess Much? 5 Ways to Let It Go

Tips to Stop Obsessing

Get Past ObessionsEver find yourself thinking about the same situation again and again to the point where you know you’re obsessing over it, but you just can’t seem to get past it?

Exhausting, isn’t it?

If you’re doing it right, obsession is at least a part-time job.

What to do to get beyond obsession once and for all?

Here are five practical and powerful tips to stop obsessing and get on with your life.

1. Disassociate from the emotions.
Your obsession is a thought pattern that carries with it a rush of powerful emotions that don’t serve you. (Obviously, because if these emotions DID serve you, you wouldn’t be reading an article about how to get over your obsession!)

What you can do is to think your obsessive thought while adding thoughts that disrupt the negative emotions you normally associate with that obsession.

Let’s say that you’ve been obsessing over harsh criticism from your boss.

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Claim Your Independence: Say This, Not That

Make the Most of Your Freedom with This Tiny Change


Gain independence for yourselfLove your freedom?

You might be giving it away without thinking it through.

In over two decades of teaching leadership, I’ve noticed a trend, not only in my leadership seminars, but pretty much everywhere.

How often do you hear a statement that begins: “I have to. . .”

As in, “I have to work/exercise/get groceries. . .”

But think it through. You don’t HAVE to, you could chose the alternative: Losing your job if you don’t go to work, not being as healthful as you’d like if you don’t exercise, not having food in the house if you don’t buy groceries.

Because you’re an intelligent person who is able to understand the consequences of your choices, you CHOOSE not to make an unhelpful choice, and you make the wise choice instead.

Thanks to your emotional maturity, you have a positive result. (More, click Continue reading.)

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