How Does Coaching Work for Healthcare Employees? Part 7

Savvy Senior Leaders See The Need

men and women health care leaders functioning well in high performing team

Great leaders know that they don’t typically inherit high performing teams when they get promoted.

Poor team performance naturally reflects poorly upon leaders.

Great leaders know high performing teams are made.

They call on Coaching with Crystal for a number of reasons, including:

  • Newly appointed managers are floundering and that’s having an impact on morale, productivity and turnover
  • To turn around a team which is underperforming or worse, dysfunctional
  • To develop a core team of influencers on their team, to act as informal leaders in support of team’s mission
  • To reward and retain those with highly specialized knowledge
    (For more information on coaching’s role in retaining employees, click here THIS WILL LINK TO APPROPRIATE “WHY COACHING” FAQ)
  • To create a high performance team
  • To develop their own replacement and a highly successful team, so the senior leader can move up to higher levels of leadership within the company

Leaders Select Person or People They Want Coached

Generally these are:

  • New leaders
  • Emerging leaders
  • Highly specialized employees
  • Anyone who would benefit from interpersonal skill development
  • Core influencers
  • High potentials
  • High performers

Leaders Talk with Crystal

In the interview, we discuss more about your goals for your employees and your company, so that I can ensure my approach is congruent with your company’s mission, vision and values.

Candidates Meet with Crystal

This is done in person, or over Skype or Zoom.

During this time, we’re interviewing each other. They, to ask any questions they have and see if we’re a good fit. Me, to answer questions and to see if the other person is truly open to coaching and change.

Leaders and Crystal Form Agreement

Based on our talks, you’ll receive a two and a half page proposal that lists objectives, measures of success, and three options.

Upon Agreement, Coaching with Crystal Begins

Since coaching is done live and one on one, there’s a limit to the number of new clients accepted.

If there’s room in Coaching with Crystal, sessions begin within a week of signed agreement.

How do the Sessions Work?

One to one, just the person coached and Crystal. Sometimes in person, other times over the phone, Skype or Zoom.

Once a week is ideal. Because my clients are quite busy, and being busy myself, I get that, we do everything possible to have reasonable flexibility in timing for coaching sessions.

Unlimited Coaching with Crystal Can Be Available

When clients have a sense of urgency and need or want their coached employees to ramp up their skills quickly, unlimited Coaching with Crystal could be an option.

This means that in addition to weekly 30 minute sessions, we are also connect through email, phone calls, or texts “on demand.” That means you can expect a 90 minute turn around Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm Mountain Time.

How Long Does the Coaching with Crystal Contract Last?

Recommended length is six months. Three month options are available.

Want longer? We can talk about that.


Everything said in a coaching session is between the coach and the person being coached.

The exception to this, which is made clear at the onset of coaching, is that if someone would bring harm to themselves or others, that is reported.

This includes someone who reports they’re looking to change jobs, as that clearly would have an impact on others.

Yes, But, Does Coaching with Crystal Work?

Fair question. I’d ask the same if I were you.

Here’s a case study:

And, in the words of Roxanne LaCroix, Director, Medicaid Learning and Development at Aetna:

“We’ve been working with Crystal Jonas for several years now in many different ways, through consulting, seminars, and Coaching with Crystal. She has lead us through some of the biggest changes our company has faced, and we always come through better for our work with her. As a direct result of Coaching with Crystal, I have been promoted twice myself, and 32 people that I lead have each been promoted at least once. Coaching with Crystal will turn your employees into high performers, and turn your high potentials into great leaders.”

Free 30 Minute Consultation
Want To Know More?

Call 719.291.0366 or text and we’ll set up that free consultation. I look forward to exploring the possibilities of Coaching with Crystal.

Why Coaching for Healthcare Employees – Got Talent? Part 2

Stressful Problem With A Clear Solution

Got Talent Healthcare coaching

Senior leaders in healthcare, do you have as many talented, positive and productive employees as you’d like to have?

If you don’t have the right people to do the work, the work simply won’t get done.

Major Problems With Undeveloped Leaders

Gallup reports that over 50% of employees have left their job to get away from their managers.

In addition to losing talented people that want to work in healthcare, undeveloped leaders foster underperformers on their teams.

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Why Coaching for Healthcare Employees? Part 1

Underperforming Employees Reflect on Leadership

reclining man showing underperformance at work

When employees underperform, top leadership assumes those who lead them are the problem. Are your employees performing as well as they could be?

One of the biggest reasons coaching for your employees is such a great idea is that sometimes your team needs a quick and dramatic course correction.

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Optimism is for Amateurs

5 Ways Pros Manage Their Emotions and Succeed

Smiley faces for Optimism is for Amateurs, 5 Ways Pros Manage Their Emotions and Succeed
Einstein played poker like a pro.

His career in theoretical physics taught him that winning is in the long game.

While amateurs think their goal is so exciting and ideal that nothing can stop it from happening exactly as they wish, pros see it differently.

They know that there will always be challenges along the way, and that no idea goes from inception to execution without finding out what doesn’t work.

Pros learn early how to manage their emotions and end up succeeding much more often than others who tend to get discouraged and quit the minute the going gets tough.

Let’s look at five ways pros manage their emotions and succeed with these five actions.


1. Practice realistic optimism

2. Embrace the hard work paradox

3. Conduct “pre-mortems”

4. Apply growth mindset

5. Prepare for personal shortcomings

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Focus Fast: 5 Steps to Capture and Keep Concentration

Quick formula to motivate and focus

magnifying glass with arrows for focus fast for concentration

“Everybody talks about the weather. Nobody does anything about it.”       ~Charles Dudley Warner*

You could say the same about focus.

Sure, you know you need to concentrate, but has anyone ever given you the formula for how to do it?

If you’re still wrestling with willpower, trying to strong arm your way into focus, you can let go of the struggle.

As long as you’re willing to follow these steps, you WILL develop the ability to get focused fast and to keep your concentration, even in times of change and chaos.

Preview: Here ​are your 5 Steps to Focus Fast
1. Make it meaningful
2. Take tiny steps
3. Let (eu)stress happen
4. Give yourself a break
5. Pick up on patterns

Let’s kick it off with your first step to focus fast.

Less Stress with 5 Easy Task and Time Management Tips

How to Manage Your Time Better Fast!

Picture on reality check to manage your time quickly

ONE for a reason

Do you have way too many priorities? Time to rethink what that word means.

When the word priority first came into the English language in the 1400’s, it was a singular word. As in ONE priority. It meant “the right of precedence over others.”

It stayed singular for about the next 500 years.

And then, stealthily at first, perhaps, and then all out and in your face, priorities entered our language.

We won’t even begin to dive deeply into the myth of multitasking here.

Let it be enough for now to feel validated in your opinion that you cannot, in fact multitask. You can only task switch.  And that takes tons of energy and focus and delivers little for your efforts.

Get ready to take control of your time and tasks with these five easy task and time management tips for less stress and better results to show for your efforts.

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