Revealing This 1 Thing Builds Trust in Relationships

Want to be more approachable at work? Try being more vulnerable

Leaders, to build trust in relationships at work and to be more influential, be more open.You’re probably really good at your job. But, do you come across as too perfect?

You know how important your personal relationships are. And of course, your work relationships are important, too.

Since I deliver lots of seminars and keynotes on communication and leadership, I’m often asked how to be more approachable at work. Savvy leaders know to influence people, they must feel comfortable with you.

Bottom line: Meaningful relationships start with trust. When you feel you cannot trust someone, game over. No chance you’re going to listen to them or connect with them, much less let them influence you.

I’m surprised sometimes how often I hear something from clients that I believe represents a huge obstacle in their having the kinds of trusting relationships that lead to their ability to naturally bond and to ethically influence others.

Do You Have the Presence of a Leader? 5 Ways to Tell

Do You Show Confidence and Credibility?

5 Qualities of Leadership with Presence


You don’t need a title to be a leader. If you have the qualities that inspire others to go for self-improvement, professional and personal development, to be who they are at their best, you have the essence of leadership.

Great leaders have presence, and as you cultivate aspects of leadership, you’ll want to include the qualities of presence.


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Leadership Image; Persuade and Influence with 5 Ways to Show Presence

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Big Career Derail Move With An Easy Fix

Good people hurt careers by misguided focus

Save your career. Be the right kind of productive

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Recently, I delivered another 30-minute webinar from people who are signed up for my newsletter. (To get my newsletter, and the details about future free webinars, sign up at with the form at the top of this page.)

The topic of the webinar:

“Don’t Derail Your Career, Simple Actions That Separate Success From Could Have Been.”

If you missed it, and would like the replay that includes slides, here’s the video link:

Wanted to highlight one of the 5 big ideas from that program right here. (more…)

Crystal Clear Focus in 3 Quick Actions

Boost your productivity, right now

get crystal clear focus with three quick actionsDo you struggle with having tons to do, yet quickly losing focus? Feel you are always busy, but that you could be more productive without working so hard?

I can relate!

I found something that’s helping me with this. It’s a book called “Time Warrior” written by Steve Chandler. No time to read? I get ya. Here’s the YouTube link, so perhaps you can listen to the audiobook while you go for a walk, or do some errands.

(NOTE: Now on YouTube: Don’t Rerail Your Career! These Actions Will Get You Back on Track 

Wanted to share three ideas that will help you get crystal clear focus:

  1. “In a simple life in which you only do what’s in front of you, there can be no overwhelm, ever.” Try this: make a space on your desk for the one task you’re tackling. I found it works when I tell myself: “Just this. Just this.”
  2. “Don’t hold your happiness hostage to the achievement of a long-term goal.” Wow, wish I’d heard that when I was younger! This is an important reminder to not only revel in the small successes, but to find joy in the journey itself.
  3. “What needs to be done in these three minutes?”  This question encourages great laser-guided focus! What helps you get focused?


Do People Enjoy Working With You?

Avoid these 5 EQ mistakes!

Be liked at work. Avoid these EQ emotional Intelligence mistakes  Are you easy to work with? If you have high EQ, or emotional intelligence, the answer is absolutely, and no doubt your co-workers appreciate this about you.

Since likeability is key to a positive, productive and profitable workplace, it’s important for all who work with others, either in an office or virtually, to take a self-awareness check from time to time to make sure none of these EQ mistakes are slipping through.

Check in now to make sure that these problems are not an issue for you.

  1. TMI. Giving “too much information” is especially tempting when you’re going through a particularly difficult time. It’s a relief to release some of that tension by telling people at work what’s going on and to get some sympathetic validation.So, what’s the problem with that?

    SPECIAL Note:Want to hear and see more about self-awareness and EQ, Emotional Intelligence? You’re invited to watch the longer YouTube video on a webinar I gave recently. The topic is: “Manage Your Moods: 5 Simple Steps to Emotional Intelligence”Here’s the link to that: 

    Meanwhile, back to our article: It’s always harder to listen to someone else’s hard time than to talk about your own. When you’re knee deep in drama, you might feel as though you’re just sharing, but most other people, unless they are your very best friends, will feel like you’re dumping on them.Remember that it takes emotional energy to lift someone up when they’re going through a rough spell. And once they spend that energy on you, they don’t have it for other people or themselves.