Coaching for Healthcare Employees Part 1 – Underperforming Employees Reflect On Leadership

Underperforming Employees Reflect on Senior Leadership

reclining man showing underperformance at work

When employees underperform, top leadership assumes those who lead them are the problem. Are your employees performing as well as they could be?

One of the biggest reasons coaching for your employees is such a great idea is that sometimes your team needs a quick and dramatic course correction.

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Cracking The Leader Code

Use Your Mirror Neurons to Build Emotions in a Good Way


two faces showing neural pathwaysNeuroscientists have discovered a new class of brain cells called “mirror neurons.”

Here’s how they effect you: When you detect someone’s emotions, mirror neurons reproduce those emotions in your mind; this let’s you get along better with others because they help you be empathetic to others.

Why do you care? Studies show you’re especially receptive to your leader’s emotions.

Leaders: Be the example you wish to see in your people


“The universe does not reward hard work, it rewards recognized results!”
January 6, 2016

I count on Crystal’s advice and mentoring to get me unstuck, build momentum, and achieve my dreams.

– Deb Holland, PhD, LCSW