Savvy Senior Leaders See The Need for Coaching Their Healthcare Employees – Part 7

Savvy Senior Leaders See The Need

men and women health care leaders functioning well in high performing team

Great leaders know that they don’t typically inherit high performing teams when they get promoted.

Poor team performance naturally reflects poorly upon leaders.

Great leaders know high performing teams are made.

They partner with Crystal for a number of reasons, including:

  • Newly appointed managers are floundering and that’s having an impact on morale, productivity and turnover
  • To turn around a team which is underperforming or worse, dysfunctional
  • To develop a core group of informal leaders to positively influence the team
  • To reward and retain those with highly specialized knowledge
  • To create a high performance team
  • To develop their own replacement and build a high performance team, so the senior leader can move up to higher levels of leadership within the company
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Coaching for Healthcare Employees? Part 5-Transform Top Talent

Transform Current Employees Into Top Talent

Do you Know Where Your Next High Potentials and Future Leaders Will Come From?

men & women for why coaching

In the highly specialized, stressful and often turbulent world of the healthcare industry, savvy leaders know there’s a war for talent, and top talent, wisely developed, are the key to leading the competition.

C-suite executives expect their senior leaders to coach their managers to recognize and foster high potentials and to prepare for the next levels of leadership.

Leaders who haven’t developed their own replacement are not indispensable, they are unpromotable.

Typical Problems with External Hires

When you must, you may find going outside of your own company is the only way to recruit your next high potential or manager.

As you know, hiring a new employee costs time, money and energy best spent elsewhere. Replacing an entry level worker typically costs 50% of that person’s salary.

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What Leadership Style Attracts Millennials to Healthcare?

Is Your Talent Pool Drying Up?

puzzle pieces for melenial blog on healthcare employee coaching

The healthcare industry is high stress, tightly regulated and turbulent.

Because of this and the fact that there are increasing demands on employees, it’s getting more and more challenging to attract and retain highly specialized talent that makes your company competitive.

Millennials Need a Different Kind of Leadership

If you’re looking to develop your employees, your biggest group likely to become future leaders are your Millennials. They will soon make up 50% of the workforce, and will quickly be the majority.

Are you changing your leadership style to attract, retain and develop this group?

How Are Your Millennials Doing?

Are they committed and loyal? Independent and innovative?

If you’re like other healthcare industries and other organizations, 6 in 10 of your Millennials are open to changing jobs this year. Only 50% see any future with their current employer, according to Gallup polls.

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Coaching for Healthcare Employees Part 1 – Underperforming Employees Reflect On Leadership

Underperforming Employees Reflect on Senior Leadership

reclining man showing underperformance at work

When employees underperform, top leadership assumes those who lead them are the problem. Are your employees performing as well as they could be?

One of the biggest reasons coaching for your employees is such a great idea is that sometimes your team needs a quick and dramatic course correction.

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Stress and Time Management is Harder Because of THIS Myth

Multitasking, The Myth That Keeps on Going

The myth that causes more work and worry

 “List your strengths.” Many of my seminars on Time and Stress Management begin with this request.

Sadly, far too many people write down that they multitask well.

“Multitasking is good” (or even possible) is the myth that causes more work and worry.

You’re not actually doing two things at once at work when you believe you’re multitasking. You’re task switching. Big difference.

And the difference costs you brain power, energy and work quality.

What multitasking might look like

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1 Big Reason You’re Misunderstood, and What You Can Do About It

Positively influence how others see you


Chances are very good that at one time or other, you’re actions or motives have been taken the wrong way

Why does this happen, and what can you do about it?

What’s the answer?

To help understand this frustrating phenomenon better, here’s a puzzle for you:

being misunderstood bat & ballA ball and bat together costs $1.10. The bat costs $1 more then the ball.

How much does the ball cost?

Child’s play, you say? Before you get to the answer, try to solve this yourself.

Clearly, the ball costs, what? 10 cents?

Many people answer this puzzle quickly. They answer that the ball, in fact, costs 10 cents. And, they are wrong.

The ball costs five cents. The bat costs whatever the ball costs, which is five cents, plus one dollar more.

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Life Changing Book

Happy Read Across America Day!

Oh the places you'll go

When my youngest son, Cameron was born prematurely, the doc said he had a 50% chance of survival. I would go to the neo-natal ICU and read him Dr. Suess’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” again and again.

Wanted him to know he had lots to do and see, so many places to go.

Cam will celebrate his 17th birthday July 23rd.

Today is Read Across America Day. It’s also Dr. Suess’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess, for so eloquently reminding us there’s a big beautiful world out there.

5 Ways to Build Relationships and Show You Care

Thoughtful ways to nurture your connections

5 Ways to Build Relationships

Relationships are precious. And yet, sometimes life gets so crazy busy it’s easy to get behind in nurturing your connections. So, today’s quick note is all about simple, yet thoughtful things you can do to show people you care and build your relationship!

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  1. Be on time for all appointments, meetings, even coffee dates. Whether the relationship is a future best friend or an acquaintance at work, be sure to be on time for every meeting that you have! Too often, people don’t make being on time a priority. This leaves the other person

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