Coaching for Healthcare Employees Part 1 – Underperforming Employees Reflect On Leadership

Underperforming Employees Reflect on Senior Leadership

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When employees underperform, top leadership assumes those who lead them are the problem. Are your employees performing as well as they could be?

One of the biggest reasons coaching for your employees is such a great idea is that sometimes your team needs a quick and dramatic course correction.


With deliberate training and coaching, managers can be taught to develop crucial competencies to transform employees and high potentials into high performers. 

Complex Issues Need Clear Solutions

Because sometimes, there are many issues layered one on top of the other, and because at your level, it’s hard to devote all of your time to personnel issues, it’s helpful to bring in a professional who’s an expert at turning around employees’ attitudes and actions.

Relief, solutions and turnaround for your biggest employee challenges include reasons senior leaders book Coaching with Crystal for key players on their teams.

Recently, an Executive Director at a Fortune 100 healthcare company booked Coaching with Crystal for her core team because she was promoted to a new position and saw the layers of dysfunction within her area.

Do You Have These Common Challenges?

One of the biggest problems she faced was the time and energy her team was devoting to stress, gossip and friction among themselves.

This leads to a series of problems including:

  • Disengaged employees, which led to a stressful work environment
  • Lower productivity
  • High turnover – an especially vexing problem when the healthcare industry relies heavily on highly trained SME who are hard to replace
  • Reduced quality of work
  • Employees coming to the leader to solve their problems
  • Executive Director having to spend most of her time responding to dissension rather than moving forward on her own projects and working on higher level initiatives.
  • The above issues are surprisingly common.

    The plan this Executive Director and I came up with was to begin Coaching with Crystal for her core influencers of six people, then rolling out coaching to other team members from there.

    If you have also experienced any of these issues as a senior leader, you know how challenging it can be for you to lead when you’re spending your time refereeing disagreements among team members, dealing with gossip, and trying to inspire underperformers.

    It’s exhausting. It takes away from your own day to day responsibilities, keeps you from pursuing projects that your upper management expects of someone at your level, and hinders your own professional development.

    Savvy leaders know that underperforming employees undermine their company's profitability. They understand the urgent need for healthcare companies to keep up, attract, retain and engage employees. 

    Your Leadership Looks to You to Develop Your People

    If your employees aren’t flourishing, your leadership won’t see you as ready for greater opportunities.

    If you’re experiencing similar challenges, and you’d like to explore how to transform your employees from where they are now to where they could be, I can help.

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