Why Coaching? Because Your New and Emerging Leaders Need Specialized Skills-Part 6

Because Your New and Emerging Leaders Need Specialized Skills and You Don’t Have Time to Teach Them

“Nearly 60% of frontline managers underperform in their first two years . . . driving performance gaps and employee turnover across their entire front line.” ~ CEB Global

“Entirely Unprepared” For Leadership

Pie Chart showing that 60% of employees are under performing

Management and leadership require unique skills qualitatively different from individual contributor skills.

“As a result, many new leaders and managers find themselves in roles for which they are entirely unprepared,” writes Guy Winch, PhD, in Psychology Today.

Winch notes, “New leaders feel leadership is a quality one is born with, and they weren’t, so they’re likely to feel uncomfortable and intimidated and to focus on the mechanics of their role, avoiding human and managerial elements entirely.”

This, of course, is what leads to their failure and causes the ripple effect of low morale, less productivity and higher turnover.

Most millennials, soon to be over 50% of the workforce, are already considering leaving their current jobs.

And, since Gallup's survey of millions of employees proves that most people quit bosses, not jobs, savvy companies feel the urgent need to keep up, and know the value of giving new leaders the training and coaching they need.

Leadership Requires Specialized Skills

Being a great individual contributor doesn’t necessarily translate into being a great leader.


Sophiea and her boss learned that the hard way. Sophiea had been a stellar IC and her Director thought Sophiea would make a wonderful leader.

She was wrong.

Sophiea began struggling right away under the work load and expectations. Like most new managers, Sophiea had received zero training and coaching into the unique skills sets needed to make her successful in her new managerial role.

Because Sophiea felt overwhelmed by all of her new duties, she did what most people do, she put her head down and focused on the work she did so well as an individual contributor.

Right away, morale in her department sank.

Sophiea’s director called me for Coaching with Crystal because the situation was getting worse, and over 30% of Sophiea’s direct reports had quit since she’d been promoted.

Solutions and Relief

Coaching with Crystal has taught me to be fully accountable, to be more self-aware about how I come across and to build trust and credibility as a leader.”      ~ Sophiea Roache, RNC and Manager of Clinical Education, Aetna

Some Areas Coaching with Crystal Covers:

To strengthen your new leaders and to prepare emerging leaders to start strong, here are some of the qualities you will develop:

  • Coaching and developing others
  • Leading team achievement
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Resolving conflict
  • Learning to delegate
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Embracing and leading through change

“We’ve been working with Crystal Jonas for several years now in many different ways, through consulting, seminars, and Coaching with Crystal. She has lead us through some of the biggest changes our company has faced, and we always come through better for our work with her . . . Coaching with Crystal will turn your employees into high performers, and turn your high potentials into great leaders.”  ~ Roxanne LaCroix, Director, Medicaid Learning and Development at Aetna

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