Top Complaint About Managers of Millennials – Coaching for Healthcare Employees – Part 2

Stressful Problem With A Clear Solution

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Senior leaders in healthcare, do you have as many talented, positive and productive employees as you’d like to have?

If you don’t have the right people to do the work, the work simply won’t get done.

Major Problems With Undeveloped Leaders

Gallup reports that most employees have left their job to get away from their managers.

In addition to losing talented people that want to work in healthcare, undeveloped leaders foster underperformers on their teams.


Another report by Gallup shows only one-third of employees are engaged at work, with Millennials (soon to be 50% of the workforce) the least engaged.

As Gallup puts it: “the majority of employees are indifferent, sleepwalking through their workday without regard for their performance or their organization's performance. As a result, vital economic influencers such as growth and innovation are at risk.”

Increased Competition In Healthcare Industry

As the healthcare industry becomes more and more competitive and demands and expectations from customers, members and stakeholders become even greater, the companies that succeed will need fully engaged employees.

And, successful companies will be those with leaders who can attract, retain and inspire fully engaged employees.

Specialized Talent Hard to Find

When Roxanne LaCroix, a Director at Aetna, booked Coaching with Crystal for her managers, one manager was challenged with a team with high turnover.

Senior leader goes from "Jerk" to respected healthcare leader.

As Roxanne noted, “It’s so hard to attract the right kind of talent to work in healthcare. It’s so specialized because it’s tightly regulated, in flux and can be high stress. When we get the right people, it’s important that we keep them.”

The Right Kind of Communication

To retain the right people, savvy leaders know that what worked before no longer does.

The workforce is changing rapidly. And Millennials, who are quickly becoming the largest demographic in the workforce, expect a warm, welcoming and connected environment, or they will leave and find company who gives them what they're looking for.

To foster a corporate culture for full employee engagement, new and emerging leaders need to develop crucial competencies that transform high potentials into high performers.

Survey Says, Millennials Want Feedback

SuccessFactors’ survey of 1,400 Millennials is one of many which shows the younger generation, which is almost 50% of the workforce, wants frequent feedback.

Weekly feedback is good, more is even better.

Coaching with Crystal supports managers in finding ways to provide authentic, kind and consistent feedback that most employees crave, while still leaving managers time to get their other duties done.

Top Complaint About Managers

Employees, especially Millennials who crave constant feedback, say that one of their biggest complaints about their managers is that they constantly cancel their one on one appointments.

So, many of the promised feedback sessions never even happen.

Coaching Helps Your Managers Give the Kind of Feedback Millennials Want

Sophiea, Roxanne’s direct report, had many complaints about her from her direct reports that Sophiea was too often cancelling her one on one sessions with them.

Through Coaching with Crystal, Sophiea realized how important these sessions were to her direct reports, and how to communicate openly and effectively when she did meet with them.

Read more about Sophiea's transformation.

Additionally, Sophiea received from our coaching sessions how to manage her work load so that she continually executed and completed her most important work.

Case Study of Coached Manager

“Coaching with Crystal taught me to be fully accountable, to be more self-aware about how I came across, and to build trust and credibility as a leader.” Sophiea Roache, RNC and Manager of Clinical Educators, Aetna

Great Managers Drive Retention, Engagement and Profits

Gallup's research “examines the crucial links between talent, engagement and vital business outcomes such as profitability and productivity.”

Their research shows that managers account for at least 70% of the difference in employee engagement scores.

Great managers create cultures and environments where employees feel motivated and comfortable. In other words, great managers drive full employee engagement.

Turnover Costs Dearly

Economic reports show that to replace an entry level, non-skilled employee costs up to 50% of the employee’s annual salary; for a supervisor’s position, the turnover cost could soar up to 150% of the annual salary.

Failure to retain employees impacts morale, productivity, and your bottom line.

And, it takes at least 8 to 12 weeks to replace a knowledge worker and another month or two to ramp them up to full productivity.

The Economical Solution

Most leaders are made, not born.

The great news is that each of your leaders can be coached to bring out the best in themselves, and in each of their employees.

Coaching with Crystal gives your managers and high potentials the customized coaching they need to ramp up quickly so they can attract, retain and fully engage your employees.

Coaching with Crystal for your mangers will make sure you cultivate the culture to not only make your company the employer of choice, but also to create an environment where employees care about their own performance, and your company’s success.

Senior Leader Says, "Employee Development is My Duty"

When an Executive Director at a nationally known healthcare company and I were creating a coaching plan for her core group of influencers, she told me she considers it part of her responsibility to develop her employees’ leadership qualities.

She does this not only for the departments that she leads, but so the entire company has a deep talent pool from which to draw future leaders.

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