Why Healthcare Coaching? – Money, Morale and Motivation – Part 3

Ever Higher Expectations

The healthcare industry is highly competitive, with members, customers and stakeholders continually raising their expectations.

Savvy senior leaders seek real world training and coaching for their employees to attract, retain and engage employees, so they can capture and retain the competitive advantage.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes employees admit to wasting eight hours a week. Think about that for a minute. If they’re admitting to wasting 20% of their time, isn’t it possible they are wasting time in ways they aren’t even aware of?

Working on low priority items, while more important, (probably harder) projects go unfinished, coming to you with problems they could solve themselves, or being engaged in gossip and drama all cost time. And of course, money.

“One of the ways Coaching with Crystal helped us was in using our time more wisely. A process that used to take us 12 to 14 weeks, now takes us 5 weeks. This has freed up our time to take on new initiatives to serve our members. This innovation makes our company more attractive in a highly competitive market.”

~ Roxanne LaCroix, Director Medicaid Learning and Development



Drama is distracting and downright exhausting, isn’t it?

Relationships issues, brought on because too many people don’t know how to tactfully express their point of view, calmly listen to others, or respectfully differ, can cost you and your employees productivity and profitability.

Not to mention the time you spend when employees expect you to referee their problems for them, which draws your energy and attention away from higher level initiatives you could pursue.

When considering coaching, look for an expert who covers emotional intelligence, social awareness and relationship building, so your managers and employees learn how to authentically connect with people who communicate differently from them, and to build productive and personally gratifying professional relationships.

These skills power up each employees’ attitude and actions , leads them to be more positive and productive, and turns high potentials into high performers.

And, when drama subsides, so does stress, distraction and the revolving door of employees coming to you wanting you to solve their problems.


Managers will burn out fast if they feel they always need to be “on” cheerleader style before their direct reports feel motivated to do the necessary hard work.

Customized coaching allows each manager, no matter if they’re introverted or extraverted, reserved or exuberant energy, to lead by bringing out their unique strengths so they are comfortable and authentic in building trusting relationships with their direct reports.

This connection supports employees in being intrinsically motivated to bring their “A game” to work each day.

Managers who can lead employees to be self-motivated, to stick with projects even when they get tough, and to continue with a great attitude are worth their weight in gold.

No longer do you have worry about wasting payroll on employees wasting eight or more hours a week.

With the right skill sets, your managers will be able to develop ways to inspire each person to consistently want to do their best.

Teaching New Leaders to Coach Direct Reports

To make the most of your coaching investment, look for an expert leadership coach who will teach managers how to coach their employees themselves.

Myriad studies, including those by Wharton Business School, the Harvard Business Review and Gallup polls, prove that most employees, and Millennials overwhelmingly so, want coaching and for their managers to give feedback. And for Millennials, daily, consistent feedback is best.

A wise professional coach will show managers how to give direct reports the coaching they crave while still leaving managers the time and energy to accomplish other responsibilities.

Harvard Business Review reports, managers who coach “see their personal involvement in the development of talent as an essential activity for business success.”

Three Reasons Coaching with Crystal Gives You Exponential ROI

1. Because the healthcare industry has so many knowledge workers, you’re competing for top talent. And managers who help employees learn and grow retain top talent. This means less turnover and greater retention.

2. Because the healthcare industry is highly turbulent, your employees need emotional resilience more than ever. Managers who go through Coaching with Crystal have higher levels of emotional intelligence, and can guide their direct reports to greater levels of emotional mastery. This means more positive, productive and profitable employees.

3. Because your managers learn to develop high potentials, your reputation rises when you’re known for developing future leaders for your company and your company builds its reputation as the employer of choice.

“Crystal always exceeds our expectations. How the entire staff of 50-plus people has benefitted from Crystal’s work with us has far eclipsed our investment. I highly recommend Coaching with Crystal!” ~ Roxanne LaCroix, Director, Medicaid Learning and Development

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