Coaching for Healthcare Employees? Part 5-Transform Top Talent

Transform Current Employees Into Top Talent

Do you Know Where Your Next High Potentials and Future Leaders Will Come From?

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In the highly specialized, stressful and often turbulent world of the healthcare industry, savvy leaders know there’s a war for talent, and top talent, wisely developed, are the key to leading the competition.

C-suite executives expect their senior leaders to coach their managers to recognize and foster high potentials and to prepare for the next levels of leadership.

Leaders who haven’t developed their own replacement are not indispensable, they are unpromotable.

Typical Problems with External Hires

When you must, you may find going outside of your own company is the only way to recruit your next high potential or manager.

As you know, hiring a new employee costs time, money and energy best spent elsewhere. Replacing an entry level worker typically costs 50% of that person’s salary.


Replacing a manager costs on average 150% of that person’s salary, according to the Society of Human Resource Management.

Here are typical problems with “external hires” according to Wharton, University of Pennsylvania:

  1. It takes eight to 12 weeks to replace an employee
  2. It takes one to two months to ramp up the new employee to full productivity
  3. External hires are typically paid 18 – 20% more than internal hires
  4. External hires are more likely to leave your company than those promoted from within for the same kind of job
  5. External hires underperform for their first two years on the job
  6. They have a harder time forming relationships, which hurts team morale further

The most valued senior executives are those who can help their managers develop existing talent into top talent.

There's Hope

When you promote from within:

  1. Employees feel there is hope for professional progress
  2. Even if others don’t want the promotion for themselves, they feel their work is valued and recognized
  3. They feel appreciated
  4. ​The transition is more seamless
  5. Productivity stays on course

But You Just Can't Promote Anyone

Nor should you.

You can grow your own high potentials through Coaching with Crystal because in doing so, your employees develop the qualities that make high potentials and high performers.

Coaching with Crystal helps individual contributors develop these essential competencies

  • Being self-awareness and credibie
  • Demonstrating social awareness
  • Delivering results
  • Being mentally tough and emotionally resilient
  • Embracing flexibility
  • Tolerating ambiguity
  • Coaching with Crystal helps new and future leaders with these crucial competencies:

  • All of the ones above and
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Leading team achievement
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Resolving conflict
  • Learning to delegate
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Embracing and leading through change
  • "Front-line managers can have the single largest impact on your organization."

    ~ HR Professionals Magazine

    Coaching with Crystal teaches managers how to develop key competencies to transform employees into high performers.

    That’s why this program is so valuable to managers and their companies.

    “Crystal’s coaching provides me with tremendous wisdom that is custom tailored just for me and my current needs. She has helped me make pivotal shifts in my thinking, sometimes about topics I’ve struggled with for years. Whenever I work with Crystal, I always walk away with more self-confidence and enthusiasm. Crystal’s advice has gotten me unstuck and has helped me build momentum and to develop myself, and also, to be the kind of leader who can develop others.” ~ Deb Holland, PhD, LCSW

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