Don’t be Miss B. Haven

Misbehaving Woman with fire BackgroundThe last time life started to get especially tough, you might have reached a point where you thought: “That’s it, now I’m justified in gettin’ mad.”

And, if you’re like a lot of the people I coach privately, you may have even been in the mood to be mad. You know, just kind of wallow in it for a little bit.

Before you go “supernova,” remind yourself that when you are justifying your behavior, you’re reliving the past and going over several situations that are all negative. And, where attention flows, energy goes.

Focus + Feeling = Fact

If you give attention to a negative feeling you’re going to step in something icky.

Remember that others will notice your anger and frankly, they don’t care about the ‘back story’ or as I call it, the BS that explains your behavior. What people recognize is how you handle the situation.

Need a quick tip for getting over it already?

Ask yourself, “How would my life be better if this didn’t bother me right now?”

Focus is on something good. The feeling is pleasant, and your fact or reality will be that you can get over it before you misbehave.

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