Freedom, Money and Happy Spending

Wise Money Choices are Aligned with Values

Spend Wisely You might be thinking more about spending money these days.

A quick note to boost your mood (even higher!) and remind you of how much freedom you have that you might sometimes overlook.

First, the story that prompted today’s note.

I’m changing my morning rituals today because I’m choosing to take the afternoon off for one on one time with my 22 year-old daughter. (Yes, we still value our “Mommy and me” time!)

So, I open my laptop to jot down a quick blog when I see (ok, call it click-bait) this teaser about some movie star’s fabulous “surprisingly affordable” shoes.

My interest piqued, I click through to find what stars call “surprising affordable.” How much are those shoes? $170.

You may be saying “What a great deal!” and if you are, good for you!

For me, I just smiled to think about how much your personal perspective colors how you see the world and act (or react) in it.

It took me back to when my youngest son, now 17, was about eight. We were driving around and saw a big beautiful house for sale that was, let’s just say, out of our price range.

Cam said, “We can’t afford it, right Mom?”

My answer, “Let’s see how we could afford it. If we were to sell everything we have, including the cars, the house we own now, and everything in it, if Dad and I were to take on a couple more jobs each, if you kids also got jobs and helped . . . Yes, we could buy it.”

The point, of course, is that we consciously make our choices based on what aligns with our values. When you do, you have happy spending!

Sure, you could afford a lot of stuff, if you made certain decisions.

Would those decisions support what really matters most to you? Would you be happy after the initial thrill subsides?

Isn’t it true that you, in fact, ARE making those wise decisions everyday?

I encourage you today to change the way you look at things when it comes to what you feel you can and cannot afford.

Is it really that you cannot afford something, or you choose to make a different buying decision? You choose to feel happy in the long term about your spending.

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In this season of giving, remind yourself that you have the power to CHOOSE what you buy and that you choose objects and experiences that resonate with your higher values.

Enjoy whatever choices you make, knowing that you made your decisions thoughtfully.

What are your thoughts about how you choose to spend? I’m interested in your perspective and I know others would also value reading it!




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