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Seminars & Workshops for Government and D.O.D. Employees

All trainings are 2-day courses. (Can be 1-day upon request). Additionally, each course can be customized to fit your exact needs.

Administrative Professionals

Leadership Professionals

Technical Professionals

capabilities statement for administrative professionals

Capabilities Statement

Courses and Descriptions

“Critical Thinking and Wise Decision Making: Recognize cognitive biases and skillfully solve problems with clear, reasoned judgment”

“Comprehensive Communication Skills Training for Technical Professionals: Emotional Intelligence, self and social awareness, interpersonal skills”

“Negotiation for Long-Term Positive Results: Turn difficult relationships and challenging situations into constructive, mutually beneficial solutions”

“Stress Management and Mental Toughness: Get habits of grit proven to ease stress and increase positive productivity”

Networking and Professional Relationship Development: Understand communication styles and how to form alliances across your organization”