Keys for Admin Professionals to Meet and Master Your Most Challenging Responsibilities with Grace and Resilience

As an admin professional, you are “The Director of First Impressions” and challenging times are your litmus test. How you handle challenges reflects on your entire department.

You interact with many different people, personalities and communication styles every day. And, you might not know it, but others are following your lead more than you realize.

In turbulent times, are your attitudes and actions giving clear messages to those around you about the appropriate way to behave?

Ready to take charge of the situation and be more focused, calm and happier no matter what’s going on around you?

Great news! You can learn how to get grittier so that you can consistently stay on point, positive and productive no matter what turns and dips life presents.

This seminar will show you how to get gritty. Try it. You’ll be stronger, happier, and a more credible, competent and confident professional the minute you start using these tips, tools and techniques.

We’ll include plenty of interaction and opportunities to share unique challenges and wisdom with best practices for real-world solutions.

Here are some of the ideas we’ll cover:

  • What is grit and how does it succeed while willpower falls short?
  • Stress: Why it’s the Golden Ticket most people never cash in
  • You’re talking, are they listening? How to make sure they are
  • Feel you’re spinning your wheels? Get focused fast with this process
  • So much to do, so little time. Cut through the clutter quickly
  • Say no without saying no and look good doing it
  • Deliver bad news with kindness and clarity, here are some scripts
  • Start each day on the right foot with tiny habits that lead to epic improvements
  • End each day with a 90 second process to make sure each day you get better and better