Communication Skills to Be Extraordinary Everyday and Brilliant in Any Situation


Your reputation as an Awesome Admin Professional doesn’t happen by accident. You carefully build that impression by making sure the best in you reliably comes through each moment.

This two-day course gives you a crystal clear plan to make sure you’ve got the communication skills to be extraordinary everyday and brilliant in any situation.

Day 1:

We start with the spotlight on you on Day 1, because self-image and self-talk matter when you want to get communication right and put your best self forward.

Day 1 also covers credibility killers, how your emotions impact your reputation, how others see you, and your ability to be listened to, respected, and persuasive.

And, on Day 1, you’ll also gain insight into your own communication style, and how that enhances or inhibits your influence.

Day 1 Morning Session.

You’ll discover:

  • Surprisingly small amount of info that determines how people see you
  • Body language that creeps people out and the simple fix to knock it off
  • Are you undermining your own authority? Watch these credibility killers even good people have
  • Accidentally difficult? How to tell, and what to do if you are
  • 60 second check in to get your mood and thoughts in the right place fast!
  • This tiny tweak to your thoughts will ramp up your self-image (and public image!) right this very moment
  • The surprising truth about icky emotions and how to confidently put them in their place

Day 1 Afternoon Session

We’ll cover:

  • 3 Keys to authentic charisma (You already have all three, are you using them?)
  • The wealth of knowledge so many miss when others talk, how to tune in to it and make meaningful connections
  • Relationship habit people love, but so few do. Pick it up, and get an immediate credibility boost
  • Recognize yourself in 1 of 4 communication styles, what helps and hinders you from making genuine connections with people?
  • Keys to make all this goodness stick and become lasting habits


Day 2:

We’ll cover communication mechanics, like grammar and usage. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more exciting that that, we’ll actually have fun doing it!

With games, music and lively exercises, we’ll cover the best way to communicate quickly, clearly and concisely.

We’ll learn but lighten up the process, because details are pretty hard to grasp when you’re in a boredom coma!

The second half of Day 2, we’ll make sure you’re talking so people listen. And, since just listening doesn’t mean they’re actually going to do what you say, we’ll kick it up a notch and cover what it takes to positively influence people to act on your guidance.

Finally, we’ll close the day with looking at your professional presence. This goes beyond having a solid rep.

This is about you standing above the commotion and being a stellar demonstration of calm, quiet confidence. So that no matter how crazy life can get sometimes, people know they can always count on you to be the shining example of how to be.

Day 2 Morning Session

All things delightful having to do with the mechanics of communicating clearly and well.

  • Very big, really embarrassing grammar mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Still editing that email? When to tighten up, when to lighten up
  • 3 step process for making sure you write any memo with clarity and ease
  • Talk so people listen – fun game to make sure you do!
  • Three things people need from you to be persuaded to do what you ask
  • Business etiquette – let’s get real, what are the unspoken rules you know you need to follow, but the handbook doesn’t mention?
  • Presenting on the fly – What to say when you don’t know what to say

Day 2 Afternoon Session

  • Scientifically proven self-talk to use when you think you’re gonna snap, and that’s just not an option
  • Understanding what difficult people need from you, even when they’re having a hard time saying it
  • Diffusing a volatile encounter so everyone leaves feeling heard
  • Recognize contagious negative emotions and how to be immune to them
  • Connecting well with any generation – and understanding how your own younger years impact how you work and see the world
  • What the elite few know and do to master professional presence