Completely Spectacular Customer Service

Building Relationships that Foster Positive, Productive Workplaces

When your standards are too high for customer service that’s just “good enough,” this is the program for you.

The very best Admin Professionals have a rare ability to listen well, think creatively, and communicate solutions so that customers actually listen and follow instructions.

Not many people can do this well, day in and day out. It’s kind of like the Admin Pro’s super power.

And, if you’d like to elevate or refresh your own customer service super power, let’s meet and make that happen in this class.

While heroic, even the best Admins know that our customers aren’t always presenting their personal best when they interact with us.

Because relationships are not always sweetness and light, we’ll cover the bumps in the road such as conflict and confrontation that makes being an admin professional especially interesting at times.

This seminar presents fresh insight into the truth behind what prompts negative behavior and what you can do to diffuse testy situations and positively influence others. Join me, and let’s have some fun with this!

Participants discover:

  • 4 Main personality styles—know your own, and how to connect with anyone
  • Recognize and reign in your own biases that hurt credibility and connection
  • Hear people’s real concerns when they’re having troubles expressing themselves
  • What to do before, during and after you deliver news customers don’t want to hear
  • Transform challenging relationships into collaborative, respectful partnerships
  • Build trust with these practical actions that are natural and easy to do, and are noticed and appreciated by your customers
  • Anticipate and address objections with compassion and confidence
  • The professional way to defend your answer without sounding defensive.
  • Scripts to follow when you really need to persuade and influence