Fast Track Ramp Up for New and Emerging Leaders

Designed for when time is of the essence, and you need to know fast what some leaders take years to learn.

Quickly increase positive influence, tactfully resolve interpersonal conflicts, increase engagement and accountability, develop a more collaborative team, embrace, adapt and successfully navigate change. Coach others to peak performance.

This two-day course begins with the spotlight on you.

Your ability to lead and positively influence others depends on how people perceive you. Are you seen as trustworthy? Warm? Wise?

Day 1

You’ll gain insight into how you come across to others. You’ll discover how you can manage your moods, energy and actions so that you can handle difficult circumstances and people with dignity and diplomacy, and serve as a role model for your team and co-workers.

Once you’ve mastered self-leadership, you’re in a position to quickly increase your positive influence.

Here are just some of the ideas we’ll cover on Day 1:

  • The small amount of information your entire reputation is based on
  • A two-minute, sweat-free move to boost energy, confidence, and credibility
  • Do you encourage entitlement mentality? How to know, and what to do instead
  • The perspective shift that will change forever how you see difficult people
  • This tiny self-talk tweak will improve your attitude and actions instantly
  • A powerful tip to help you be resilient in the most challenging circumstances

Day 2

You’ll learn scientifically supported strategies to tactfully resolve interpersonal conflicts and develop a more collaborative team. Additionally, you’ll see how to inspire accountability and full employee engagement.

Here are some of the ideas we’ll cover on Day 2:

  • The surprisingly simple response difficult people want from you
  • The professional way to defend your ideas without sounding defensive
  • 4 steps to addressing a difficult situation (and look good doing it!)
  • Accountability an issue? Here’s how to inspire responsibility
  • Encourage others to embrace and rapidly adapt to change
  • Best practices to coach employees to consistently high performance
  • Inspire unstoppable motivation with this one perspective
  • Do this (a lot!) and watch positive productivity soar