Leading All Generations:

Four Generations and One Amazing Place to Work Leveraging Multigenerational Diversity

Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and iGen or Gen Z (they follow Millennials) working together are making work more exciting than ever!

As a leader, you can help your team more fully understand each other’s communication and work style so that you can foster a more respectful, engaged teamwork.

This insightful and interactive workshop helps you recognize what energizes some people, but deflates others.

Drawing from proven social science research and using your own experiences, we’ll create a crystal clear plan on how you can fully engage each team member, regardless of his or her age, and how you can inspire your team to work together to leverage generational diversity.

We’ll cover:

  • Music, movies and milestones, how pop culture has influenced how we work and what feels like “the right thing” to do (Fun, and relevant!)
  • Work and life, balance or integrate? What’s the difference and why it matters
  • Who likes connecting, and the best way to do it
  • 75% of Gen Y want it; 5% have it, what “it” is and how to leverage it to inspire full engagement (This will delight other generations, too)
  • The surprising similarities we share that unite us
  • Best lessons to learn from each other