Positive Influence and Negotiation for Leaders

As a leader, you have the opportunity to fully engage even more of your employees. Start with these powerful and proven strategies for positive influence and negotiation.

No matter how challenging your circumstances, nor how strenuous the resistance you may face, this workshop will make your situation better with crystal clear solutions that:

  • Transform challenging relationships
  • Overcome your own biases
  • Address and answer their objections
  • Resolve conflict

Here are some of the points we’ll cover:

  • Recognize and reign in your own biases which hurt credibility and connection
  • Hear and address the real concerns people have when they’re having trouble expressing themselves
  • Transform challenging relationships into collaborative, respectful partnerships
  • Build trust with these practical actions that are natural and easy to do, noticed and appreciated by your team
  • Anticipate and address objections with compassion and confidence
  • Diffuse and resolve conflict before it escalates