Super-Achieving Leaders (Time and Stress Management)

Attempts at overachievement = burnout. These 7 habits = exponential results and epic achievements.

There are key differences between over-achievers and super-achievers.

Over-achievers work hard, stress hard, produce well-above average results, and burn out fast.

Super-achievers work hard, thrive on “eustress,” produce epic results, and make the right tough choices to regenerate their energy to sustain superior results.

Here are the seven habits that can turn you into a super-achiever.

  • Use these three questions to begin tasks with just the right focus and energy.
  • Set boundaries around your time (only real-world ideas here!)
  • Give under-rated guilt the attention it deserves, and watch what happens
  • Rate yourself daily with this eye-opening ultimate score card
  • Reboot energy and attitude when overwhelmed – here’s how
  • Radically fine-tune your focus with simple shift in perspective
  • Embrace elegant simplicity and eliminate energy leaks forever