From Chaos to Calm:

Time and Stress Management for Admin Professionals

You’re wonderful at keeping all your responsibilities and projects running smoothly to the point where it almost seems effortless.

But hey, I’m been an Admin Professional, and I know better. It takes a great deal of energy, effort and intellect to reach your level of awesome accomplishments.

It’s time to ask yourself: Is your approach to time management and productivity a sustainable business model, or are you on the express lane to Burn Out City?

Our goal with this program is to make sure you get on and stay on course to be a super-achiever.

There are key differences between an over-achiever (which you might be?) and a super-achiever.

Over-achievers work hard, stress hard, produce well-above average results, and burn out fast.

Super-achievers work hard, thrive on “eustress,” produce epic results, and make the right tough choices to regenerate their energy to sustain superior results.

In this program, we’re going to cover 7 crystal clear habits you can make your own to ensure you’re on the road that leads where you want to go.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Use these three quick questions to begin tasks with just the right focus and energy
  • Recognize the biggest time waster of over-achievers, and how to turn it around
  • Tame your “monkey mind” & talk back to your inner perfectionist
  • Double your productivity with this eye-opening ultimate score card
  • Reboot energy and attitude when overwhelmed – here’s how
  • Adopt the “Slight Edge” system to make productivity automatic and easier
  • Embrace elegant simplicity and eliminate energy leaks forever