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How to Engage Your Employees Through Leadership

How a Healthcare Leader Rebuilt Accountability, Trust and Credibility in Less Than 3 Months

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“Coaching with Crystal taught me to be fully accountable, to be more self​-aware about how I came across, and to build trust and credibility as a leader.”   

~ Sophiea Roache

The Situation...

Sophiea Roache, RNC and Manager of Clinical Educators, Aetna, struggled with being a leader who consistently brings out the best in herself and her team. 

Sophiea was ready for customized coaching solutions. She Came to Coaching with Crystal for guidance in staying focused, communicating professionally and effectively, and fully engaging her own and her team's time, talent and energy

Why Most Solo Attempts at Leadership Development Fail

Like many leaders, Sophiea tried working on her own to turn around her leadership approach.

And, like many leaders, she found she needed a partner who understood her unique opportunities for improvement and could help her take specific actions that would make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time.

In spite of Sophiea’s and her Director’s willingness to work together to address and turn Sophiea’s opportunities for growth into strengths, her Director simply did not have the time needed to give the close guidance, suggestions for improvement and follow up necessary to ensure Sophiea’s success.

Additionally, what makes Sophiea valuable to her healthcare company is the depth and breadth of her experience in her chosen field.

The many complexities and nuances associated with leadership development are a unique set of skills all their own.

Since it’s unrealistic and unfair to expect healthcare industry experts to be deeply knowledgeable in their own field and leadership development, Sophiea and her Director did what all peak performers do.

They went to an expert coach to partner with to master specific skills to become peak performers. That’s when Sophiea began Coaching with Crystal.

How to Develop Leaders Who Elevate the Entire Team

Because the healthcare industry can be demanding and stressful, Sophiea needed coaching sessions and solutions to fit seamlessly into her busy schedule. She also needed quick feedback so she could adjust her approaches and get results as fast and efficiently as possible.

Sophiea began Coaching with Crystal and based on her 360° feedback, and talking with her Director to know how Sophiea fits with Aetna’s mission and goals and talking with her Director and Sophiea, we came up with these objectives:

  1. Self-awareness to see how internal stressors hurt her credibility and ability to connect with her team.
  2. Organization and Planning, so the right things get done, quickly and well.
  3. Being a good example, awareness of nuances of communication including unintentional messages conveyed when she failed to follow up as promised.
  4. Coaching individual contributors and delivering tough feedback so employees were clear on expectations and exactly how they could improve and grow.

Better Leadership Starts with Honest Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the first step every Coaching with Crystal client goes through with their Reputation Discovery Process (like the one below). We do this to ensure that others are seeing the best in them, because being a good example is such an important part of leadership. Factors that influence reputation include intended and unintended messages, and how the context of your life sways your choices and what people see in you.

Boosting Your Success with Real Time Assistance

In addition to our weekly calls to discuss progress, challenges and solutions for Sophiea’s opportunities for improvement, she also was able to get Coaching with Crystal by calling, emailing or texting for quick feedback and suggestions as questions came up.

Real time assistance for coaching clients guarantees that when they need help fast, they can get it.

Coaching with Crystal helped me increase my self-awareness of how I'm perceived and to help me adjust so my team members now feel valued. My team now approaches work more collaboratively and they've restored their trust in my leadership.

Where Most Managers Miss Opportunity to Lead

When many of my coaching clients come to me, usually referred by their bosses, they feel overcome with the relentless demands of their industry, on top of keeping up with changing policies and regulations, they need to stay on top of their own daily responsibilities and leading their team to be positive and productive.

 Most people are NOT resilient under major stress and would benefit from intervention. 

- Frank Infurna, ASU

Without resilience, managers aren’t able to lead their people through the roller coaster of changes they face. To lead well, managers need to know and use actions to bounce back under pressure.

Research proves that people under a great deal of stress recover much more quickly if they have interventions such as professional coaching.

For that, you need a coaching element that includes, as Sophiea had, clear strategies to manage stress and be emotionally resilient.

“If you want to elevate your emotional intelligence as a leader, I highly recommend Coaching with Crystal.”
~ Sophiea Roache

Beginning the Leadership Transformation

A successful leadership-coaching program is tailored to help leaders positively influence their team. With compassionate and clear feedback from Sophiea’s Coaching with Crystal sessions, she was able to quickly see what she was doing to put a barrier between herself and her team.

By discussing ways to manage her workload so that her stress wasn’t undermining her professional relationships, Sophiea was able to rebuild connections and trust with her team.

“From Coaching with Crystal, I’ve learned the formula to communicate my message effectively, propose a plan of action, and ask for support. My team has restored their trust in me.”
~ Sophiea Roache

Compound Benefit of Coaching with Crystal Multiplies Value

Sophiea took the ideas from Coaching with Crystal to identify and resolve organizational drag that stood in the way of her team’s productivity. Now, her team uses designated uninterrupted time each day to get deep work done on their most valuable tasks.

Because she has shared strategies learned from coaching with each of her team members, her company’s investment in Coaching with Crystal has far reaching benefits.

“Our team benefitted in using Crystal’s approach to getting rid of low to no value actions that bog down organizational effectiveness. This enabled us to set goal-oriented work plans so that we could meet multiple intersecting project deadlines and at the same time, develop a better, innovative product for our customers.”
~ Sophiea Roache

How to Customize This Plan for Your Team’s Success

The results you’ve read about in this report come from fewer than 3 months of Coaching with Crystal and will result in recurring benefits for years to come.

With Sophiea’s unique challenges, this Coaching with Crystal program was the perfect approach.

Each client’s coaching needs are unique, that’s why each program we offer is customized to address each individual’s opportunities for growth.

To help more leaders like Sophiea recognize their untapped potential and to leverage each of their direct report’s time, talent and energy, we invite you to have a 30-minute customization call with Crystal Jonas.

On our call, I’m happy to give you some quick solutions to some challenges you or your team members are facing. If it’s of interest to you, we can chat about how Coaching with Crystal can help you make the most of your team’s time, talent and energy.

All you need to do is register for a call through the link below. When you email, give three dates and times that work best for you and you’ll receive a confirmation for a call at one of your requested times.

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