How Do Healthcare Leaders Profit From Coaching with Crystal?

“It’s hard to get and keep the right kind of people to work in healthcare.”  ~ Roxanne LaCroix, Director Medicaid Learning and Development, Aetna

Uniquely Challenging

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With its high stakes, rapid changes, and tight regulations, healthcare is a uniquely challenging profession.

Not everyone does well under such stress, and it’s easy for employees to burn out quickly.

With its high stakes, rapid changes, and tight regulations, healthcare is a uniquely challenging profession.

Not everyone does well under such stress, and it’s easy for employees to burn out quickly.

Yet, people mostly quit bosses, not jobs

Surveys of tens of thousands of people, including reports from Gallup clearly show that when people leave their jobs, it’s not to pursue other interests, or to chase more money, they’re escaping bad managers and poor leadership.


In fact, up to 75% of people who leave their jobs admit it’s because of the boss, not the work.

It’s costly to attract and retain the right people

Because healthcare is so specialized, it takes time, money and energy to attract the right people.

Keeping them on and fully engaged takes the right kind of leadership.

Absent strong frontline leaders, senior leadership suffers

Anytime frontline leaders aren’t prepared to take on a strong leadership role, the job of managing those direct reports falls on senior leadership.

Employees, frustrated by their immediate supervisor’s weak leadership will likely, disengage, develop a toxic attitude, gossip, or simply quit.

Now, senior leaders must take time away from higher-level initiatives to referee personnel issues, or to figure out how to recruit more people to replace those leaving.

Employees – especially Millennials – expect more than ever

Millennials, soon to be over 50% of the workforce, want something more from their jobs.

According to Gallup surveys, Millennials:

  • Are pursuing development, (personal and professional) not just jobs
  • Want a coach, not a boss
  • Desire on-going conversations and feedback, not just annual reviews
  • Want clear guidance to develop their strengths, and not just focus on weaknesses
  • New and emerging leaders aren’t taught how to give employees what they crave

    Many studies point to problems with unprepared, newly promoted managers. 

    It’s not the companies’ fault that they don’t stop everything to teach their new and emerging leaders leadership development.

    While HR will usually be able to provide some help, for the level of one to one guidance leaders need to fully engage their employees, a deeper level of support is needed.

    New leader saved from career derailment

    Sophiea, a highly respected individual contributor in her healthcare company, was promoted to manager.

    Unfortunately, she wasn’t prepared for the new level of demands that included giving her team constant, supportive feedback and directed guidance.

    Sophiea, not knowing how to prioritize and plan her time, and not having a clear understanding of how to help her team collaborate well as a team, started to disconnect from her responsibilities and her team.

    Morale plummeted. She had the highest turnover in her department.

    Her Director got Coaching with Crystal and finally, Sophiea was able to turn her situation around.

    Coaching with Crystal has taught me to be fully accountable to be more self-aware about how I come across, and to build trust and credibility as a leader.”  ~ Sophiea Roache, RNC and Manager of Clinical Educators, Aetna

    Senior leader once called a “Jerk”

    Roxanne, now a Director in healthcare, first came to Coaching with Crystal when her career’s future hung in the balance.

    Her boss had told her she was a jerk, her employees were completely disengaged, and Roxanne needed to change.

    Roxanne reached out for Coaching with Crystal and transformed her career.

    Promoted twice

    Roxanne’s been promoted two times since Coaching with Crystal.

    Entire team has benefitted

    Not only has Roxanne been promoted twice, but also, 32 of the 54 people on her team have been promoted at least once because Roxanne has included her entire team in Coaching with Crystal, and seminars on site.

    Positive, productive, profitable

    Employee surveys in Roxanne’s department, which have risen since Coaching with Crystal are the best in her organization.

    In addition to being more positive, the team is now more productive, after working with Crystal on a major change initiative, the team has been able to take a recurring project, that used to take 12 to 14 weeks to complete, streamline their processes, and now accomplish this task in 5 weeks.

    “I credit our work with Crystal for the transformations we’ve seen in our department. I look forward to continuing our partnership with Crystal.”

    ~ Roxanne LaCroix, Director Medicaid Learning and Development, Aetna

    Because her employees are getting personal and professional development with Coaching with Crystal, the right people are staying in their jobs and fully engaged.

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