Bio – Crystal Jonas, Keynote Speaker and Author

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Crystal Jonas Picture speaker andSince 1991, I’ve been teaching, leading seminars, and delivering keynote speeches all over the world. I speak and write about personal growth, discovering your purpose, life mastery, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, meaningful achievement, communication, and many other topics having to do with inspiring leadership and life mastery.

I spent about 10 years in the Air Force, serving as the Executive Officer in an F-16 Fighter Squadron in Torrejon, Spain, followed by graduate school in Boston, and being an Assistant Professor at the US Air Force Academy.

I’ve been published many times, writing books and CD programs on confidence, communication, and emotional intelligence among other topics. Since 2003, I’ve delivered over 1,200 presentations.

Professionally, my greatest blessing is being able to serve others doing something I love, learning and teaching how to bring out the best in ourselves and others.

Personally, my blessings are too numerous to list. My Dan and I live in a log cabin in the mountains of Colorado, surrounded by loving friends and family close by. We hike and workout together, have dinner parties with friends, enjoy our grown kids, and feel deeply grateful to have each other and an chance to make our difference in the world.

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