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Since 1991, I’ve been consulting, coaching and speaking about leadership for those who lead in turbulent, challenging and tightly-regulated environments.

My service as the executive officer and only female officer in an F-16 tactical fighter squadron in Torrejon, Spain, prepared me to lead in a high performance team where the stakes are high.

Serving as an Assistant Professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy, I taught future Air Force leaders how to inspire and influence in the most stressful and challenging situations.

Since starting Tap Your Genius, Inc., I have consulted, delivered keynotes, and coached with clients all over the world who work in industries that change rapidly and have must comply with ever evolving customer and industry demands and tight regulations, just like yours.

When clients want to fully engage their employees and keep them inspired and motivated to bring their best to work each and every day, they call on me to help.

I’m an award winning teacher and speaker, and a ten-time published author.

Most importantly, I am dedicated to the success of all industry and can produce results with you that make a profound positive difference.

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