1% is Leads to Big Wins

Leaders: Want BIG improvements in your department and on your team?

Think small.


leader Tour de France race Dave Brailsford did. And it paid off in a HUGE way.

In 2010, Brailsford took over as the new General Manager and Performance Director for Team Sky, Great Britain’s cycling team.

Team Sky had never won the Tour de France. Brailsford had a plan to change that.

Change everything by 1%, and Team Sky would win the Tour de France in five years.

They didn’t win in five years. They won in less than three!

How did 1% lead not only to Team Sky winning the Tour in 2012, but taking home 70% of possible gold medals for cycling in the 2012 Olympics, and winning the Tour de France again in 2013?

As Brailsford explains it, it’s all about “the aggregation of marginal gains.” “There’s a 1% margin for improvement in everything you do,” Brailsford says.

He changed countless things the team did by the smallest bit. Not only what you might expect, like adjusting the riders’ nutritional plan, and the way their bike seats were adjusted, but also nuances like which gel they used for massages, and a specific way to wash their hands so they could avoid infections.

Each little change compounded to make a big difference in the team’s success.

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How to use this at work?

Say you manage Behavioral Healthcare Advocates. They have the important responsibility of recommending and managing appropriate level of care throughout your members’ entire treatment plan.

You see opportunities for improvement. What if you were to begin small?

Ask your team their ideas on these tiny 1% changes they could start to implement right away to improve the quality of care your members get, and the quality of service members receive from your advocates.

Megan, a manager I was coaching on this point had a great push back on this idea. She said essentially “Crystal, this is clearly easy to do. But easy to do is easy not to do. How do I inspire my team to follow through?”

My answer to Megan will work for you and your team also. Have your team make public commitments about the 1% changes of improvement they’re willing to make and to hold themselves accountable for.

Make sure you keep your commitment to get the team back together in a month or so to give progress reports on how their personal “aggregation of marginal gains” is coming along.

Crystal Jonas is the “Employee Performance Optimizer.” She helps leaders discover and act on opportunities for improvement. Crystal also helps leaders to leverage their team’s time, talent and energy.

Call Crystal at 719.291.0366 or email Crystal@CrystalJonas.com to schedule a free 30-minute consultation on how you can leverage 1% with your team to make big wins happen.

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