How Leaders Can Build (or Re-build) Trust

4 Do’s and a Don’t”

three figures showing trustAs a leader, you know how important it is to be able to guide your team through the turbulence that comes with constant change and uncertainty.

To positively influence them, they must be able to trust you.


Case Study
For a real world example of how a leader regained her team’s trust, click here.

Make sure your trustworthiness is on a solid foundation with this quick checklist.

This checklist benefits you if you are:

  • Just promoted to lead people who were your peers
  • On the wrong foot with your team and you need a course correction
  • An outside hire, new to the team
  • Low on credibility owing to a series of mistakes
  • A well-respected leader always looking for useful tips for yourself and your team


(Re) Build Credibility and Trust with Your Team

4 Do’s and a Don’t

  1. Ask your team what ONE thing you could do over the next 24 hours to help them be better at their jobs. Do that thing.
  2. Remind them you’re keeping your promise. “Helen, I promised you that I’d get back with you by the end of the day on that issue. Do you have 10 minutes now?”
  3. Apologize when you’re at fault. Sounds like this: “I wish I’d handled that differently. I apologize.” Note: If you continue with “It’s just that. . . “ you are not
  4. Share the weaknesses you’re working on and ask for help. When they do go out on a limb and offered feedback, thank them for it. You can say, “You’re right!”
  5. DON’T Do NOT send out a long survey asking all kinds of questions about what you could do differently. Some will give you answers to every question, and expect you to follow through on all of their ideas. You do not have the resources to respond on that level. Keep input manageable. (See Tip #1 above.)


Does someone on your team need to rebuild trust and credibility? It can be done, and I can help. Call 719.291.0366 or email for how to get Crystal to coach one more of your employees.


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