Leadership of Self and Others – In ONE Word

Focus your energy, attention and actions this year

Leadership of others, and leading yourself to success takes focusIf you’re all about self leadership, or you’re a leader at work (or both!) it’s fun and powerful to chose a word to describe your theme for the year.

Do you have a word for 2017?

One word helps focus your attention and serves as a touchstone to get you back on track when life and work get crazy.

My word for this year is UPWARD.

[bctt tweet=”Word for ’17: UPWARD: even as you fall, you’ll rise again, your path ever onward, ever UPWARD. ~ @CrystalMJonas” via=”no”]

I chose that word because I’m doing some planning and implementation this year in my biz, and using a new priority management approach to make it all happen.

This is the most I’ve ever challenged myself. While I’m extra excited about the possibilities, I’ve spoken and written enough about leadership and emotional intelligence to know that you need to stay grounded with “realistic optimism.”

The word UPWARD will help me remember that as I use new tools and try new things, I will definitely learn what does not work. (Other people may call that failure.)

I prefer to see them as learning opportunities. 🙂

No great idea goes from start to finish without finding out what doesn’t work!

How about you? Do you ever select a word for the year? Would love to know! Post your word on the blog so your idea can inspire others.

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