For Life Mastery: 1 Must-Change Mindset for Time Management

This Self-Talk Script Transforms Your Productivity


Make important tasks a priority by scheduling them on your calendarHave you ever reached out to a family or long-time friend you haven’t talked with in a while, and they said something like this: “How great to hear from you! I’ve been thinking about you! Wanted to connect, but I’ve been so busy.”

How did that feel? Did you ever think in a droll tone: “You’re busy? Really? What’s that like?”

Yet, we all tell ourselves stories about busy-ness, our time and productivity.

Perhaps you yourself have a bit of self-talk script that, with one slight tweak, will transform your productivity.

Read on to discover what that script is, and how to change it so you can exercise self-leadership.

How many times a week do you find yourself saying to yourself or out loud: “I don’t have enough time”?

Here’s a pivotal point in your productivity and your crystal clear life mastery tip:
Stop saying: “I don’t have enough time.”
Start saying: “I chose not to make that a priority.”

Think this through: Let’s say that you and I have a lunch date tomorrow. You’ll probably put in your calendar what time we’re meeting and where. Yes?

It’s a priority, and you’ve even made a note of it on your calendar.

Same idea if you have a doctor’s appointment next Thursday. You’ll note what you’re doing and what time.

If something else comes up, you’ll tend to schedule around what’s already in your calendar.

Another crystal clear tip to transform your productivity and to change your time management mindset is this:
Stop: Leaving your important tasks to chance.
Start: Scheduling time blocks of all important activities into the calendar system of your choice.

Final tip, which is, admittedly, a blinding flash of the obvious, or a BFO, is this:
Stop: The urge to say aloud to anyone who asks if you completed the task you were supposed to do: “I chose not to make your task a priority.”

Start: Saying to yourself: “Was it wise for me to make the choice to NOT make that a priority? What would I do differently next time? Perhaps explain what my priorities are, so this person is not inconvenienced, or reschedule my work so I do get the right things done when I need to get them done.”

What self-talk tips do you have that help you with productivity?

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