Procrastinate much? Here’s a jolt!

Tip for getting past putting things off

Tip for getting past procrastinationI’m wondering if we share this in common: a real struggle with procrastination for certain activities.

Not with all things, right? Just a few.

Just enough that perhaps, it really bugs you, and you’d like a tip to get you past that “Maybe later” mentality.

Here’s something that lights my fire and gives me the energy I need to push past the big P.

Author Ayn Rand wrote: “Action without thought is mindless. And thought without action is hypocritical.”

For me, those words have just the right amount of ouch.

First, think about your values. Is integrity one of them? So, if you say that you feel responsible for taking care of your own health, then you know your behaviors need to reflect this value, yes?

Because, if you believe/think one way, yet act another. . . Well, might be time to re-read Ayn Rand’s words: “Actions without thought is mindless. And thought without action is hypocritical.

You have a choice of course, so that you’re in alignment with your value of integrity.

  1. You can change your beliefs.
  2. Or, you can change your actions.

Which do you choose?


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