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What Your Professors Won’t Tell You And What Your Friends Don’t Know

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Concerned about college?

Many who start don’t finish. Imagine how fun, simple and rewarding college will be when you have this easy to follow, step-by-step guide clearly showing you the way to graduation and your dream job. This popular guide on college success has shown thousands of people the faster, surer way to reach their goals for college and beyond. It can help you too.

In this book, Crystal Jonas cracks the code for those seeking continuing education. A former instructor and academic advisor at the USAF Academy, one of the nation’s most academically demanding schools, reveals the secrets to college success.


  • What not to study, You’ll save tons of time!
  • How your professors can help you land your dream job
  • 12 imaginative ways to pass a killer class
  • Nontraditional solutions for nontraditional students
  • Opportunities to pull ahead
  • 8 of the biggest mistakes students make
  • How to avoid your professors’ pet peeves
  • Winning ways to study smarter, not harder
  • A powerful plan to launch your career while in school

Guaranteed to bring lasting results that will benefit you in college and beyond. After reading this book, you’ll have the skill to apply:

  • Social intelligence, the key to personal and professional success
  • Power reading skills, the ticket to career advancement
  • Memory enhancement, maintain the competitive edge
  • Dynamic writing skills, for the real world
  • Long-term stress relief, stay in control


  • High self-esteem
  • Focus on demand
  • Determination and confidence
  • Razor-sharp memory
  • Social savvy

Find out what your teachers won’t tell you

  • Why you should never arrive late or leave a class early
  • Which part of the lecture is noteworthy
  • What never to ask the professor

Crystal Jonas, M.A. the award winning teacher, nationally known speaker, and celebrated high performance coach has helped thousands of students unlock their potential to succeed in school and in their future careers.

Table of Contents:
CHAPTER 1: Jump –Start Your College Success
CHAPTER 2: Pet Peeves That Drive Professors up the Wall
CHAPTER 3: How to get Better Grades with Less Effort
CHAPTER 4: Discover the Simple Secrets of Smart Students
CHAPTER 5: Mind Tricks That Make Learning a Piece of Cake
CHAPTER 6: Think Outside the Books: Nontraditional Solutions for Nontraditional Students
CHAPTER 7: Launch a Great Career While Still in School
CHAPTER 8: Take the Fast Track to Professional Success
CHAPTER 9: Living an Extraordinary Life

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