The Heart and Science of Success


Inspiration and Instruction for a Rich and Meaningful Life

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The Heart and Science of Success is for people ready to tap into their rich potential. No need to wait on the sidelines and be left behind. Your future awaits, here’s just what you need to enjoy the life you’re worthy of You can do this – here now you have all the passion and processes you need with exactly the right steps you can follow to:

  • Unlock your full potential
  • Build lasting, happy relationships
  • Finally achieve goals you’ve always wanted
  • Positively influence others
  • Improve the quality of your life, this moment, whatever your income
  • Release, once and for all, drains on your emotional and physical energy
  • Keep laser-guided focus so you can calmly concentrate on what matters most
  • Know that you matter
  • Enjoy each and every day the rich rewards of a life well lived, full of meaning and significance.


Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Discover the Treasure Trove of Your Unique Potential

  • Find the treasure of your unique potential
  • Ask yourself this “tough love” question
  • This determines if you’ll actually be successful
  • What’s it take?
  • An image you’ve outgrown
  • Chose to live by design rather than default
  • Your results are your report card
  • Success formula
  • Realistic optimism outperform

Chapter Two: The Magical Qualities of Purposeful Planning and Scientifically Proven Self-Talk

  • Are your goals drifting away from you?
  • Five fun facts about how smart you already are
  • You don’t stumble upon success
  • Where else in your life does that pattern show up?
  • Four features of high-quality goals
  • Are you addicted?
  • New and improved thinking
  • Mini goals help with focus and momentum
  • Create mini self-talk scripts
  • Make the most of magic moments

Chapter Three: World-class Solutions to Tapping Your Subconscious and Anchoring Positive Behaviors

  • Tap into your success-generating tool
  • Five factors of visualizations
  • Your current self-image works overtime to maintain status quo
  • Your brain’s assistant, Jeeves
  • Process to relax your body
  • How would you act if you already had it?
  • Define what success looks like
  • Create an anchor like this
  • Final key in accelerating goals

Chapter Four: Easily Activate Calm Concentration and Flourish with Elegant Simplicity

  • “Energy, not time, is your primary resource”
  • Pep talks work!
  • Two guidelines for to do lists
  • Be mindful of opportunity costs
  • The world is really not that competitive
  • Four qualities of high-yield activities
  • Everything about you communicates
  • What’s your environment saying about you?
  • Four elements of elegant simplicity
  • Take exquisite care of all items in your possession

Chapter Five: Improve the Quality of Your Relationships and Release Drains on Your Mental Energy

  • Happiness lies in your ‘get along’ ability
  • Can that be right?!
  • Are so many people really below average communicators?
  • Frustration with slow decision makers
  • The tiny piece of info people use to judge you
  • Difficult times reveal you!
  • What does your behavior say?
  • Others notice you when you don’t realize it
  • What does your perception of others say about you?
  • Four steps to “unplug” negative thoughts and feelings
  • Remover barriers to your masterpiece

Chapter Six: Positively Influence Others and Become a Respected Leader

  • Extraordinary people ask higher quality questions One-off feedback or recurring?
  • Mixed signals
  • Five needs to feed if you want to be influential
  • Three steps to make the most of compliments
  • Epic paycheck for this rare skill
  • Quiet grace and strength
  • Steady and respected
  • A great leader with no title
  • Let us stand together

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