Customized Training for Employee Development

Seminars for professional developmentIf you’re looking for a energetic, interactive and smart seminar to create a positive productive and profitable organization, you’re in the right place.

Here’s a list of my most popular topics. Clients usually ask for seminars that are 3 to 6 hours long. Looking for something extra special? Let’s talk! I’ll listen to your unique interests and concerns and design a program just for you. Here are some suggestions for programs. Let’s chat about how I may be of service. I’m at 719.291.0366, or you can email

By the way, you can also have me deliver a lively, memorable and motivational keynote speech if you’re looking to kick off, or wrap up a conference or off site training.

“Emotional Intelligence: Your #1 Success Factor”

Picture for seminar called Emotional Intelligence Your #1 success factorBring out the best in yourself and others. The morning session is all about YOU. The afternoon is all about how you can bring out the best in others. Read more…

“Energized, Inspired and Engaged”

Picture used for employee engagement in seminar topicsInspire full engagement and lead your people to be more positive, productive and profitable.Read more. . .

“Dynamic Diversity”

APicture used in Seminar page for Dynamic Diversitychieve the best teamwork ever by leveraging your differences and blending the best in each of you. Read more. . .

“Calm Concentration: How to Get and Stay in the State of Flow, Even in Times of Turbulence”

Seminar Picture for Calm Concentration topicWhen work’s crazy busy and everything’s important, get and keep laser-guided focus and do the right things well. Read more. . .

“The Art and Science of Meaningful Achievement”

Picture used in Art and Science of meaninful acievement in seminar topicsInsights and cutting-edge solutions for getting the right things done quickly and well. Read more..

“The People Principle”

Leadership Seminars for executivesAdvanced leadership lessons all elite executives know. For professionals who want to advance their credibility and cultivate diplomacy and tact so they may more positively engage and influence others. This is a one or two Day Program. Read more…


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