Student Time Management 101

101 Tips on How to Manage You Time

Have time to do what you really want to do!

student-time-management-101-narrowSo much to do, so little time. Discover how you can do all that needs to be done, yet still have time to enjoy friends, and fun!

Amazing tips, tools and techniques that help you succeed in school and still have time for a life!

Crystal jonas, eight-time published author and award-winning speaker has been helping students succeed in school since she became an instructor and academic advisor at the US Air Force Academy in 1991.

This book has helped thousands of students get the right things done well. Using these valuable tips will save you tons of time, too!

With this book, you’ll know how to:

  • Study smarter, not harder
  • Stay relaxed and focused, even in times of stress
  • Finish work quickly, so you have time for friends
  • Get lots of stuff done well, without being a workaholic
  • Plan for tomorrow’s success today
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