This $400,000 Idea Is What Savvy Executives Use for Time Management

Time and money blowing awayAs a leader, you’re busy and the stakes are too high for you and the people you lead to be on a busywork treadmill with your attention too fractured to focus.

Here’s a simple, yet powerful way to take control of your time and energy starting today.

Lack of focus could derail a promising career

Kayla first became client when her Director at a leading company enrolled his entire team in one to one coaching with me.

“Kayla is a great leader,” Mike said. “She’s personable, clearly cares about our members and has a positive attitude. The biggest thing Kayla needs help with is keeping her commitments.”

Mike continued, “Kayla’s direct reports have shared with me that she comes late, misses, or constantly reschedules her meetings with them. I’m concerned if this doesn’t change, she may actually derail her career.”

You’re too important to be distracted

You are too valuable to your company, and your work is too important to your members for you to be stuck in busy work and burdened by the stress of working too much with too little to show for it.

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Here’s the tip Kayla said made the biggest difference for her in ability to get more of the right things done, and inspiring her team to do the same. She also credits this with getting her career back on track for progress and promotion.

Advice worth about $400,000 in today’s dollars

About 100 years ago, Charles M. Schwab was the President of Bethlehem Steele. Always looking for ways to work smarter, he brought in Ivy Lee, a management consultant, and asked him to find them a better way to get things done.

Lee asked for 15 minutes with each of Schwab’s executives.

When Lee was done, Schwab asked what he owed. Lee answered, “Nothing now. In three months, send me what you think it’s worth.”

Three months later, Lee received a check for $25,000. In today’s dollars, that’s about $400,000. No bad for a day’s work, wouldn’t you say?

Last act of each of your workdays

Here’s what Lee told the execs: “Before you leave each night, write down the six most important actions you need to take tomorrow. Prioritize them. Tomorrow, start with #1 and stay with it until you’re done. When you’re finished, go to the next item on your list.”

Bias towards planning priority #1, and completion

Want to move the needle quickly on executing your #1 priority? Plan tomorrow’s workday before you leave work today.

Tomorrow, start with #1. And, work that part of the project until you are completely finished before moving on.

Leaders, are you challenged because of too much work with too little to show for it? Contact Crystal to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to illuminate where you can stop the energy leaks and start doing the right things quickly and well. Best ways to contact: or call 719.291.0366.

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