When Your Best Is Not Enough: Take This Giant Step Forward

There’s hope. Don’t give up.

When nothing's working, there is hope.When you’ve worked hard, beyond what anyone has the right to expect, and yet you’re still not getting the success you want, you can feel helpless.

After all, when you’ve given your effort all you’ve got, what else is left?

You CAN turn this around. Just when you feel at the end of your rope, there is a clear path of what to try instead. It just takes a mindset shift on your part.

Your answer in turning what seems like an impossible situation into a successful outcome comes from the words of Sir Winston Churchill: “Sometimes it is not enough to do our best, we must do what is required.”

I remember the first time I read that quotation. It was on a bumper sticker on the car in front of me in back to back traffic.

It was Los Angeles, it was rush hour, and I’m pretty sure a few we were going about negative five miles an hour.

The bumper sticker read: “Sometimes it’s not enough to do your best, you must do what is necessary.”

I immediately chose to feel annoyed. (Notice that I say “I CHOSE” to feel annoyed. At least I was taking ownership of my feelings.)

My automatic response was “What do you mean, my best is not enough? What else is there?”

And that question, my friends, “What else is there?” Is exactly the right question.

When you’re focused on your best effort, you focus on effort. Shift your focus to results.

In order to get what you want, what is required?

Hint: Not procrastination. Not talking about how to do it perfectly. Not complaining.

Perhaps in telling yourself you’re doing your best, you’ve found yourself doing one (or more) of these three. Is this possible?

Maybe you’ve been spending emotional and intellectual effort in ways that get you no closer to what you want, but lead you to believe that you genuinely have been giving your best effort.

Step back for a moment, and work the challenge backwards. What do you want? What specifically does that take? Remove any action that does not move you forward.

Try anew. What you want is within reach. Look at it through fresh eyes, be willing to begin again and start once more, wiser and with deliberate focus. You will succeed.

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