Why 60% of New Managers Fail in the Healthcare Industry Within 2 Years – Part 8 Coaching

New Managers and Emerging Leaders

For New Managers, The Struggle Is Real

60% symbol for healthcare managers who underperform or fail

Percentage of new managers who fail or underperform within the first two years. CEBGlobal.com

Beck and Harter of Gallup report in Harvard Business Review report 82% of companies make the wrong choice when promoting new managers.

And, according to surveys by The Ken Blanchard Companies® 51% report they felt unprepared for their first role.

“Front-line managers can have the single largest impact on your organization.”  ~ HR Professionals Magazine

Front-line Managers Interact Daily With Their Direct Reports

Individual contributors notice and care if their direct supervisors are good at their jobs, and if they aren’t then productivity, attitudes and profitability suffer.


Two-thirds of Managers are Seen as Weak

The Conference Board Report reveals the shocking survey that only one-third of supervisors and leaders are seen as strong.

An ineffective manager has far reaching effects:

  • Morale sinks
  • Work backs up
  • Turnover rises
  • Drama ramps up
  • Productivity drops
  • Senior Leadership Feels The Impact

    When front line managers aren’t equipped to develop their direct reports, senior leadership must get involved.

    Seeing lower productivity and higher turnover with its impact on profitability, senior leaders need to take time away from higher level initiatives to see that the right people are being properly prepared for leadership.

    Unprepared To Lead

    According to The Ken Blanchard Companies®

  • Only 39% of new managers say they’ve received training
  • Only 35% report receiving any mentoring
  • Only 31% report receiving any coaching
  • Research proves 75% of employees who leave their jobs are quitting their bosses, and 60% of Millennials are already thinking of other job opportunities. 

    Because of this potential for fast high turn over, it's more important than ever for new leaders to have the coaching they need to ramp up quickly. With guidance they can be the leaders their direct reports need to be fully engaged and eager to carry out the company's mission.

    The Simple Solution – Prepare New And Emerging Leaders

    In a highly competitive environment, healthcare companies thrive with leadership coaches who can help new leaders fully engage direct reports.

    Gallup’s research shows companies with an average of 9.3 engaged employees for every active disengaged employee experience 147% higher EPS (earnings per share) than their competition.

    Coaching with Crystal Teaches Skills Most Needed for Strong, Respected Leaders

    Your new and emerging leaders get real world coaching for leadership development. This includes developing the skills that The Ken Blanchard Companies® identify as the most important for new managers, including:

    1. Demonstrating interpersonal Skills
    2. Fully engaging employees
    3. Managing conflicts
    4. Delegating
    5. Dealing with performance issues

    “I directly credit Coaching with Crystal for helping develop my team. Since we’ve been working with her, I’ve been promoted twice, and 32 of my direct reports have been promoted at least once.” ~ Roxanne LaCroix, Director, Medicaid Learning and Development

    Trusted Guidance For Developing Leaders Who Fully Engage Employees

    Crystal has helped us live our values at NOAA, encouraging collaboration, flexibility and fairness that enables individuals to contribute to their full potential.”                            ~ Connie Craig, NOAA, Department of Commerce, Boulder Labs

     Clients Enjoy The Process!

    As the Harvard Business Review reports, overwhelmingly, Millennials want to be coached at work, and they crave constant feedback and support.

    “Crystal is always inspiring and professional while at the same time fun! If you think you know a lot about leadership, you’ll learn in three days what it could take maybe 15 or 20 years to learn.” ~ Dan Detlefsen, Scott Air Force Base

    Coaching with Crystal gives new and emerging leaders the support they crave, thus supporting the entire organization.

    Free 30 Minute Consultation
    Let’s Chat – Would you like to know more about what you can do to support your new and emerging leaders so they can fully engage those they lead?

    Call 719.291.0366 or text Crystal@CrystalJonas.com and we’ll set up that free consultation.

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